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Jeanne Prinzivalli, LMFT

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Self Awareness Therapy
Specializing in Low Self Esteem
Do you worry a lot about what other people think about you? Do you doubt yourself or even self-sabotage? Do you find that when you do something imperfectly you can't stop thinking about it for hours or even days? Do you worry that you are not good enough the way you are?

If so, don’t give up. It is possible to gain some perspective on what is happening and work through it. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to be compassionate and supportive of yourself instead of beating yourself up. Become more self-aware so that you can have a better relationship with yourself and be better able to deal with any situation that comes your way.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness and numerous other therapeutic tools to support and guide you in increasing self-esteem for the long term, by helping you in creating a healthy, supportive relationship with yourself.

Call today for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to find out how I can help you. Lets get you started on having some relief from self-doubt and an increase in self-trust.
Counseling to increase self-esteem is possible! While it will take more then one session, it doesn't have to put the rest of your life on hold.

I use Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, and numerous other tools from theories such as Somatic, Narrative, ACT, etc. I have found that my clients tend to like Cog-B because it helps them understand the thought patterns and negative internal dialogues associated with self doubt, depression and anxiety. And the Psychodynamic helps them understand the history of the belief systems that have participated in creating the thought patterns and internal dialogue. With more self-awareness of the process, you have more choice in terms of how to handle it.

While therapy is not always easy, nor is it a quick fix, it is valuable in building self-confidence and becoming more self-empowered. Having more self-awareness and plenty of tools, you will be able to more easily maneuver through difficult moments in life.

As we are human, we will continue to experience emotions of varying degrees, including times of self-doubt, depression and anxiety. However, it does not mean it has to get in the way of living. My focus is more about helping you understanding your self-esteem, how to work with it, and all while building a healthy, kind and supportive relationship with yourself.

What is it like working with me?

I will be empathetic and kind, while also being straight forward. I will provide plenty of feedback along with questions to get you thinking in a new way.

If you are ready to start, call today for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to find out how I can help you. Find out how self esteem counseling in Los Angeles can help you.
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 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Antioch University
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