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Jennine Estes, MFT #47653

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Estes Therapy San Diego
Addressing and correcting problems through individual or couples therapy takes guts. It's perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable about the idea of seeking help from a therapist or opening up to a stranger, but don't let that hold you back. I'm here to make you feel comfortable. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I can help you create positive change in your life. We can work together to push at the edges of your cozy comfort zones by learning the best ways to grow, change and be happy. Therapy is an avenue for you to take a closer look at yourself, the people you love and the patterns in your life. It won't always be easy, but it will pay off.
I am a therapist, an adventure junky, a writer, a relationship guru, a warm hearted helper, and a kid at heart. Marriage Family Therapist MFC#47653
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 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Hours:Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm
2835 Camino Del Rio, # 120C
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