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Katie Harrill, MT-BC

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Living, Loving and Learning with Music
The Creative Arts help children with a range of developmental disabilities gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

The Creative Arts seeks to develop and strengthen creative skills, develop positive social-emotional and communication skills, build self-esteem, develop a sense of self-importance and individuality, encourage self-expression, stimulate imagination, and build a foundation for future learning successes through innovative, creative means such as music, movement and visual arts, namely digital storytelling. By assisting and encouraging creativity, the foundation for endless opportunities for imagination, development, and therapeutic growth can be achieved through the creative arts.

All children and adolescents, especially those diagnosed with a mental health disorder or other developmental or physical disabilities have tremendous potential to learn and grow. Music and other creative art modalities provide concrete, multi-sensory stimulation (auditory, visual, & tactile), which serve to both stimulate and motivate children to engage in constructive tasks which in turn serve to enhance their developmental growth. To help these individuals reach their highest level of potential, the creative arts to can be utilized as a medium to address behavioral, social, psychological, communicative, physical, sensory-motor and cognitive functioning issues.

Whether group or private, music therapy sessions aim to address developmental issues, including attention span, motor skills and positive impulse controls. Additionally, experiences that build each child's self- esteem, provide opportunities for success, and encourage positive interaction with ot
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Music Therapy  Mental Health Issues
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues  Motor Speech Disorders
 Developmental and Learning Disabilities  Physical Disabilities
 Emotional and Self-Expression Issues
 Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)
I am a music therapist, program supervisor, clinician, educator, researcher, music lover and eternal learner. During my undergraduate studies at Allegheny College in Meadville, I studied and earned degrees with Highest Honors in both Music and Psychology. As my senior project, I conducted research and studied the influence of background music on reading comprehension in school age children. I then attended Duquesne University, where I completed an equivalency program in music therapy. After satisfying all the necessary requirements, including coursework, clinical training and an intense internship, I became Board Certified as a Music Therapist. My commitment, devotion, and passion for the therapeutic force of music and music therapy as a profession motivate me to serve children.

"I can do it !"......The message, of being able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, is one that I hope to instill in children as they work towards developmental growth.