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Melania's Healing Edge
Melania Has been a guide to over 11,000 people in their healing quests. She has worked with people of all ages background, socioeconomic groups at various stages of illness. This year she celebrates 10 years in practice. She came into practice after releasing a lot of limited beliefs while working woth several shamans In Scottsdale Arizona. Her own healing quest and the embracing of her gifts became a beacon for others to follow. Long before writing reviews was the way of the world, Melania's work which was ahead of it's time, received verbal recognition and referrals. Her work in the field of healing arts began I. Arizona with individuals learning Reiki and receiving Reiki Crystal Healings. Her work then continued into Connecticut where she began to work with young ladies of the Corrections institutions. She eventually began her bodywork practice in 2010. Blending aromatherapy, Reiki, and Massage for a synergistic approach to accelerate healing.
Practice Areas
 Alternative / Holistic Healing  Colon Therapy  Intuitive / NLP Counseling
 Alexander Technique  Color Therapy  Life Coaching
 Aromatherapy  Core Synchronism  Lifestyle Counseling
 Astrology  Cosmetic Acupuncture  Neuromodulation Technique (NMT)
 Auricular Acupuncture  Craniosacral Therapy  Polarity Therapy
 Auricular Therapy  Cupping  Psychic Readings
 Ayurveda  Dietary Therapy and Nutrition  Qigong
 Balance Method Acupuncture  EFT/Meridian Tapping  Quantum-Touch
 Biofeedback  Energy Bodywork  Reflexology
 Bodywork  Energy Healing  Reiki
 Bowenwork  Energy Modalities  Shamanism
 Chi-Akra / Facial Acupuncture  Expressive Arts Therapy  Shiatsu (Acupressure)
 Chinese Herbal Medicine  Flower Essences - Bach  SomatoEmotional Release
 Chinese Medicine  Flower Essences - FES  Sound Healing
 Chiropractic  Gem Therapy  Tarot Reading and Mediumship
 Classical (Five-Element) Acupuncture  Homoeopathic Medicine  Voice Healing
 Classical Acupuncture (Van Nghi)  Hydrotherapy  Zero-Balancing
 Classical Acupuncture (Yuen)  Informational Medicine
 Certified Reiki Master  EFT/Meridian Tapping  Energy Bodyworker
 Whole Hearted Healing  The Path to Heal
Melania is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces with a certification in Health and Nutrition. Her work as a Holistic Wellness Coach focuses on Essential Oils, Reiki sessions and training, and Bodywork. After working with over 11,000 clients, Melania created a modality called the Body Dialogue Technique which helps release the metaphysical counterparts of physical ailments. Her intuitive skills are unprecedented. She helps you descend into your shadow self, release your limiting beliefs and replace them with new more empowering beliefs. This process is extremely rewarsing and catapaults her clients into many successes, the immediate relief from physically being the main one. She's Saint Petersburg's best kept secret, but not for long. Usui Reiki Master Teacher Melania Mersades has a few goals: her mission is to attune 1,000 children from ages 5-18 within the decade. She can and will do it. But she needs your help, please takke the time to get to know her and her work. The more that people know she exists, the more people she can help. Her work is extremely unique and provides accelerated healing. She is sensitive to her clients needs and has a massive spiritual tool belt to meet your needs. "Find your edge and I will meet you there!" And "Are YOU ready to feel better is how she greets her clients.
1999 Honorable Discharge- Army Nutrition Specialist
2002 Graduate Reiki Master Teacher Internationa Center for Reiki Training
2006 Graduate- Conservatory Of Recording Arts & Sciences music as a healing art
2008 Completed 1,500 hour Shamanic Studies Arizona Shamanic Collective
2010 Graduate- Clinical Massage CT Center for Massage Therapy
Board Member PTECH Esthetician Program
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Se Habla Español
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Hours:Tuesday- saturday 10am - 7pm