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QC Kinetix (South Portland)
Due to its high prevalence and debilitating effects, it is surprising that there are so few medical solutions available for low back pain. However, for those who are fortunate enough not to require back surgery, the available options such as steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs are often unsatisfactory. QC Kinetix (South Portland) offers alternative regenerative medicine treatments for lower back pain, which can provide relief for persistent pain through non-surgical and minimally invasive methods. Our primary objective is to assist our clients in returning to the quality of life and activities they once enjoyed. If you have been informed that surgery is necessary, it may be beneficial to examine your options. Although surgical intervention is sometimes the only option, many individuals have found authentic relief from their symptoms through regenerative medicine in South Portland. Rather than just masking your pain, we facilitate your body's natural recovery mechanisms to do their work. Our goal is to aid in the restoration of full mobility, better sleep, and enhanced enjoyment of life.
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