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Relationship Gardening

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Tools for Growing Love in Portland
Marriage Repair for Straight, Lesbian, Gay, or Trans Couples
WHAT IS A GOOD MARRIAGE COUNSELOR? Marriage repair is not something you want to leave in the hands of someone who has no training in marriage counseling. Most grad schools where counselors get a Master's Degree do not provide it, and licensing does not require it. And as Dr. Bill Dougherty, co-founder of the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists learned in his research that most counselors admit to accepting couples as clients and also having no training to do so. Find a good counselor by starting out asking what advanced training they have in couples' counseling.

WHAT DOES A MARRIAGE SPECIALIST DO? If what you are being asked to do by a counselor seems crazy, impossible or just pointless-it probably is. When couples see what everyday habits or conflict management habits impact them the most-it is a relief to begin practicing them. Feels like creating your safe place to land in a storm. Are you ready to make things better? Or for singles and newlyweds, don't you want to give your new relationship the best chance at succeeding?

At Relationship Gardening couples receive a thorough take home assessment so that strengths and struggles are made known at the start.

As a counselor with advanced training by the world's expert on marriage, Dr. John Gottman, I know that couples often say they need help with communication, but let's get specific about what you are really most likely seeking: relief from fighting or criticism that stings, or bringing down the walls that have been driving you more and more apart. Both poisonous habits and habits that maintain emptiness will lead you to divorce, unless you do something about them. And if you are facing excruciating life problems like betrayal, you can be guided through the 3 phases critical to recovery which are hard to do on your own-but doable with an informed counselor to make your relationship stronger after affairs.

WHAT LATEST INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCE IS SHANNON OFFERING IN PORTLAND, OREGON? Healthy Weight Action Awesomeness group is being formed to promote good mental strategies for building motivation and reaching your goals. Plus we have encouraging accountability and support with check in buddies! Healthy Weight Group is presented by a counselor (Shannon Batts), with a guest holistic health naturopath (Dr. Kelly Raylinksy), and a yoga therapist (Andrea Flores) who delivers patient and creative guidance for whole body health. OMG, we so rock!
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Counseling / Therapy  Life Transitions
 Anger Management  Marriage & Family Therapy
 Caregiver Issues  Marriage Counseling
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Couples Therapy  Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Depression  Premarital Counseling
 Divorce  Relationship Issues
 Gay or Lesbian Issues  Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Gender Identity / Transgenderism  Stress Management
 Grief and Loss
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)  Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
After my Bachelor's in Child Development, I earned my Master's in Counseling with Marriage and Family emphasis, and I have 2 licenses. For Californians, I have a Marriage and Family Therapy license and for Oregonians, I have a Professional Counselor's license.

I am most excited about my post grad development that was both life changing and transformed my work with couples. I received advanced training by the world's leading expert on marriage, Dr. John Gottman with the Gottman Relationship Research Institute, from which I learned all the real life couples based research-related stuff that makes a HUGE difference in making relationships work.

I also attended the first ever Science of Trust workshop in Seattle-the Gottmans spending the day with professionals like me to reveal their findings on affairs, betrayals, porn addiction and rebuilding trust. Sexual acting out keeps you locked in shame, guilt, despair and numbing. When you are ready to come out of the shadows and bring your heart and relationship to the light of acceptance and love-give me a call.

I have also had cognitive (looking at how thoughts drive moods) therapy training by Christine Padesky, who authored a practical book (among many others) to help depression and anxiety states, Mind Over Mood.

I presented relationship tools at the Portland Rethinking Psychiatry symposium and steer interested folks to resources for holistic non psych med relief for depression and anxiety states.

Licensed therapists and counselors are required to keep up with their education by acquiring dozens of continuing education units on an ongoing basis. I stay focused on sharpening my skills and knowledge for couples to make what I offer highly relevant.
Personally, I have an all organic garden -- an edible veggie garden, and urban chickens, as well as a labyrinth garden. In 2010 I completed a very complicated mosaic art/stained glass and mexican tile floor.

I am a straight (and gay affirmative), homeschooling mom, married for 18 years to the Man Of My Dreams. Every time I turn around, someone I know is divorcing. I would like to reduce the divorce rate in Portland where I live. Why not? The kids will thank you; we will all benefit.

Theatre was my main extracurricular activity in high school and early college-eventually performing a one woman show-performance autobiography about a recurrent dream. Amusing scenes may turn up in my workshops and seminars because I think humor is a great avenue for learning.

In 2010 I began consulting for communities to improve their communication, connection and conflict management by applying the relationship research to large groups. Do you know a group or organization that could benefit from new conflict habits?
CAMFT: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Rethinking Psychiatry http://www.rethinkingpsychiatry.org/
Patient/Physician Coop (view Licensed Specialists) http://www.ppcpdxcoop.org/
Hours:Saturdays 12:30am to 9pm
Cost/Session:$40 per 1/4 hr, (Hardship Rate Reduction can be considered). Groups by donation.
License:MFC 34477 (CA), LPC 2379 (OR)
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