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Dr. Robert Morse, Psy.D. , B.C.C.

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I offer an alternative to traditional forms of therapy through doxy.me. I have worked with a diverse population of adolescence and adults suffering from a variety of disorders. As an Integrative therapist I draw upon elements of the various theoretical orientations and tailor the approach in a manner most suited for the individual.

I offer the client a therapeutic experience that provides the utmost convenience and affordability. Clients can schedule sessions at anytime and are no longer hindered by location restrictions, travel costs, and loss of time. Conducting sessions online provides comfort and safety for those who may be more apprehensive in utilizing traditional services. Confidentiality is a priority and guaranteed.
I am a Board Certified Coach.

I have conducted several hours of individual, group, and psychoeducational sessions with a diverse population of adults.

I built this E-therapy practice in 2008 with a state of the art service page tailored to provide the individual with the utmost accessibility, affordability, and convenience in undertaking e-therapy.

I hope to one day expand my practice into an international e-therapy clinic which will incorporate practicing clinicians from all over the world to provide more people with services at a very low cost, especially as more people around the world utilize computers and the internet.

I've established a theoretical framework for a hybridized treatment called Harmonic Cognitive Tuning (HCT). HCT combines various mindfulness and music therapy approaches together in order to promote positive neurocognitive changes, with specifically targeted affective states (motivation, attention, appreciation, calmness, elevated mood, wonder, alertness, compassion, etc.) elicited as a catalyst for change. This theoretical framework analogizes the functioning of the psyche to that of an instrument: the subjective experience is functional and often positive when it is in tune, capable of modulating between various states as required; one or more components falling out of tune, however, can generate moments in which discord is glaring while contributing to a less harmonious subjective experience.
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Doctor of Psychology

I utilize the Integrative approach to therapy as taught by the Derner Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies, which utilizes different theoretical styles (behavioral, dynamic or insight oriented, and cognitive) and fuses them to what is best suited to the clients specific presenting problems as opposed to using one single theoretical approach in each client's case.
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