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Sex Therapy Of San Diego
Dr. Silbert provides sex therapy for sexual problems related to libido, arousal, performance and orgasm, sexual identity, sexual abuse, and non-normative sexual practices; sexual, couple and marital counseling for individuals to overcome sex problems to achieve sexual enhancement; psychotherapy and hypnosis for sex addiction, depression, grief, stress, loss, medical illness, death anxiety and sexual issues; and telephone advice for sexual education, sexual problems and mental health problems.

Seventy to eighty percent of all adult males and females experience sexual problems in their lives. These include lack of interest, decreased libido, performance anxiety, achieving orgasm, problems maintaining arousal, erectile dysfunction (impotence), premature ejaculation, vaginal pain and general sexual dissatisfaction. These problems can be caused by anxiety, stress, fear, lack of sexual knowledge and experience, childhood physical and sexual trauma, relationship difficulties, physical disabilities and medical problems.

The Sexuality Clinic of San Diego provides sexual counseling and therapy for individuals and couples to achieve sexual satisfaction. Emphasis is placed on educating clients about the sexual system for the individual and within the matrix of a couple. Treatment issues encompass sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual role behavior, extramarital affairs, communication skills, enhancing creativity, coping with non-normative sexual practices, sexual addiction, sexual compulsion, masturbation, pelvic pain disorders, menopause, infertility, medical illness, sexual desire discrepancy, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and body image.

Sex therapy is tailored to individual needs. For some, this will include enhancing sexual knowledge, decreasing performance anxiety or improving sexual communication, performance and creativity. For others, therapy will focus on more effectively dealing with issues of fear, anger, trust and the vulnerability of intimacy, hence becoming more comfortable with ones self, emotionally and physically.
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