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Vergal Chuck Dawson, Ma, LMFT, APA Board Certified

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Short Term Intensive Breakthrough Therapy
Chuck Dawson
Ask your self

"Am I stuck on this issue?"
"Do I feel like I need some help just getting into it?"
"I want to get thru it and I do not want to spend the rest of my life in the process!"
If you want a safe enviornment.... You have come to the right place!

Chuck does short term intensive for individuals, couples and young adults. Anger management and PTSD VETS
He is also a Collaborative Law Neutral Divorce and Communications Coach.
Short term and intensive sessions are available for a wide variety of people and situations..
I offer an eclectic approach, including methods and ideas from many theoretical schools.
I work with individuals and couples and families to bring immediate change. Motivated
clients are welcomed. My client focus are basically healthy people with a targeted problem
or challenge to resolve.

IMPROVE the moment
This skill is used in moments of distress to help one relax.
Imagery - Imagine relaxing scenes, things going well, or other things that please you.
Meaning - Find some purpose or meaning in what you are feeling.
Prayer - Either pray to whomever you worship, or, if not religious, chant a personal mantra.
Relaxation - Relax your muscles, breathe deeply; use with self-soothing.
One thing in the moment - Focus your entire attention on what you are doing right now. Keep yourself in the present.
Vacation (brief) - Take a break from it all for a short period of time.
Encouragement - Cheer lead yourself. Tell yourself you can make it through this(affirmations)
Wise counsel on the situation (therapy)
Amygdala Hijack
The amygdala is the “fight or flight” and emotional memory part of the brain. Its
job is to protect by comparing incoming data with emotional memories. An amygdala
hijack occurs when we respond out of measure with the actual threat because it has
triggered a much more significant emotional threat. For instance, the amygdala will react
similarly to the threat of being eaten by a tiger (physical threat) and the threat of an ego
attack (emotional threat) by bringing on the fight or flight reaction.
When one experiences an amygdala hijack, the amygdala overtakes the neocortex
(the thinking part of the brain) and there’s little or no ability to rely on intelligence or
reasoning. The immediate result of a hijack is a decrease in working memory; adrenaline
is released and will be present and effective for 18 minutes; hormones are released into
the bloodstream and will take 3-4 hours to clear.
During hijack, the number of perspectives
accessible decreases; instead of 4 possible
solutions, the observer will see 3 (excluding
half of his original perspective), then 2
(creates an either/or choice), then only 1.
When only 1 choice remains, the hijack is
complete and the observer returns to a default,
habitual behavior. A Model to Interrupt Amygdala Hijack
Stop –Physically withdraw. If impossible, name the trigger or emotion (keeps the
neocortex engaged and active and helps to prevent the amygdala from taking over).
Oxygenate – Taking deep breaths with intention and purpose. Pay attention to
breath. Keeps neocortex engaged.
Recent work: I have been in a private solo practice for three years. Prior I had been a Therapist with "The Family Connection LLC". I had A full cross section, numerous and varied heavy caseload. Co-conducted The Family Connections presentation on "Depression. I was a contract “Clinical Supervisor and Evaluator” for “Family Plus” Respite DD waiver program evaluating Case Management, provider and program goals and clinical objectives. I also have been conducting the PTSD Veterans group sponsored by the American Legion and WWUG Vets on Vets. Prior to that I was under contract with Families plus as a case assessment evaluator. This requires that I review files, diaries, and records of case workers, providers and clients. Interview guardians and clients to evaluate program and clinical work objectives. Prior to that I was self-employed in Real Estate and with "The Institute for Breakthrough Counseling" with a private practice. I have recently counseled children in preparation for " Safe Home" Authorities interviews after sexual abuse. Conducted Bi-monthly Veterans PTSD Group hosted by American Legion Rio Rancho and What Would You Give Org.. Counseled both Vets and sexually abused PTSD populations. Have done cross-cultural counseling for Native American populations. Working with cutting and self-mutilation populations. Working with oppositional Adolescence. Working with youth and families in Blended Family situations. I also have Collaborative Law Certification from the State Bar and conduct Divorce and settlement agreements with parenting plans.
Past work:
Conducted and supervised "Child and adolescent" Workshops in communications and family issues for Discovery Institute of California.
Conducted "Intervention Counseling" for Sex Offenders at court request With Bay Area Psychological Associates. (letter available)
Published articles on "Assertive Behavior" (Articles available)
Conducted 60 hour training's and counseling for "Assertiveness cross cultural" St. Luke's Hospital Filipino Nurses Association. (Brochure available)
Taught Psychological courses for the California State Psychological Association School Psychologists and Psychometrists (Letters Available)
Conducted workshop "Where Isn't Therapy Going Today" Holistic Conference San Francisco (Program available)
Counseling, Workshops and Published articles in psychological preparation for birthing and the birth event.
Practice Areas
 Counseling / Therapy  Group Therapy
 Adolescents  Life Transitions
 Anger Management  Loneliness
 Anxiety and Panic  Marriage & Family Therapy
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  Marriage Counseling
 Bicultural Difficulties  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Body Image Issues  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Caregiver Issues  Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Chronic Illness  Relationship Issues
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues  Self Esteem Issues
 Couples Therapy  Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Depression  Sexual Dysfunction
 Divorce  Stress Management
 Eating Disorders  Trauma and PTSD
 Gay or Lesbian Issues  Women's Issues
 Grief and Loss  Work and Career Issues
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist State of New Mexico # 0695 N
Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Goddard College Plainfield, Vermont 1977
Bachelor of Arts from Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio 1975
Evolutionary Psychology Conference 1995
Family Law Mediation at UNM School of Law 1991
Collaborative Law Coach State Bar 2010
1974-1976 Intern at Bay Area Psychological Associates Monteagle Medical Center St. Luke's Hospital San Francisco Ca (Dr. Paul Wanner)
1976-1979 3,000 hours Supervision under Monique Kane MFCC Palo Alto Ca.
Business Law at DeAnza College 1974
Psychology at U of MD 1964 through USAFI
40 CEU Each year in Psychology

Military Service:
United States Navy Vietnam Era four years Honorable
Board Certified with American Psychotherapy Association
Elected to the NM board of directors for AAMFT NM Div. Legislative Chairman
Director Professional Peer Counseling Group for AAMFT in Albuquerque
New Mexico Psychoanalytic society
Mental Health Advisory Board, Santa Clara, Ca
State Chairman of the Commissions on Birth and Violence, Ca appointment by Governor
Payments Accepted
insurance, check
Hours:9 to 9 by appointment
Cost/Session:BCBS, and others
License:0695 New Mexico LMFT
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1 Dona Marta Ct.
box 2480
CorralesNM 87048
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