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Divine Appoinments

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Health/Biblical Certified Coach & Certified Faith Counselor
Dealing with Life's Issues Scripturally & Sensibly
Coaching or counseling done via email, in person, or phone at times. Many years experience. Emphasis on scriptural approach available and preferred but not required. Will work in conjunction with pastors & churches in certain instances. Consent forms are required from client for their therapy and for anyone else to be included in the process.

Each individual circumstance is treated as unique and in a professional, confidential manner. A coach or counselor helps you discover the root of your issues and ways to resolve them. There are no quick fixes, but there are lasting solutions with the correct approach. Many of life's issues are largely the result of what we think about ourselves, others, etc. Often what we think is what we become. If we think we are not capable we can become incapable. If we think someone is wrong, even if they are not, we may treat them as though they are. If we perceive joy we usually are joyful. These are just a few examples of how our mind can determine our actions.

Suggestions will be made about the frequency and length of sessions and clients are encouraged to follow those suggestions, however it is the client's choice and decision. The success of life changes and adjustments are almost entirely the responsibility of the indiviusal. A coach or counselor offers guidance and support to get you there.
Healthcare professional, certified faith-based counselor & coach. Author of devotional on accountability. Experience in coaching/counseling relational issues, outpatient chemical dependency, spiritual issues, health.
Teaching experience in private classes, workplace, and at college level. Some public speaking experience.
Profile photo taken in Jerusalem.
Practice Areas
 Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor
Masters degree in counseling. Licensed healthcare professional. Certified coach and counselor. Bachelors Psychology major.
Payments Accepted
Paypal, money order, cash, local check for in person sessions
Hours:Variable, flexible - evenings/weekends OK
Cost/Session:reasonable, negotiable, discounts offered
License:IIFBC certifications
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