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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
IV Therapy Infusions, Low T, ED Treatment, MMJ, HRT
Healthy Me Medical Therapies is an anti-aging clinic in Miami Shores, FL. We specialize in Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, low testosterone treatment and other anti-aging modalities. These include but are not limited to our amazing IV Therapy infusion department.

As an anti-aging clinic, we are able to support men and women during their aging process. For women, this includes Peri-Menopausal / Menopausal treatment. For men, this includes ED treatment (aka miami erectile dysfunction treatment). For both men and women, we focus on introducing more energy, cognitive function, vitality and other youthful attributes back into your life. We do this by balancing and optimizing your hormone levels.

Our IV Therapy infusion department allows us to boost your body's immune system and turn it into a nutrient rich environment. Whether you are looking for a performance enhancement IV infusion, hangover cure or you are feeling sick from the flu, our IV vitamin therapy infusions will fix you right up. Our detox department also uses IV infusions of EDTA. Also known as chelation therapy, we are able to use EDTA to bind to heavy metals in your body and excrete them accordingly.

Lastly, our Ketamine infusion therapy is used to treat depression, PTSD (especially in military veterans), anxiety and even chronic pain. As a holistic and integrative medicine doctor, Dr. Carlos Sanchez specializes in finding the root cause of issues and treating the body in a holistic manner. Please visit Healthy Me Medical Therapies in our Miami Shores location for a free consultation. We proudly serve North Miami Beach, Aventura and the surrounding areas.
Dr. Carlos Sanchez is board-certified in emergency medicine. He received his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University – College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey.

Dr. Sanchez has been practicing Emergency Medicine since 1999 and has treated thousands of patients with many different conditions. He has served in many leadership and administrative capacities at North Shore Medical Center. He is also owner and medical director of Medi-Station Urgent Care in Miami Shores.

In addition to practicing Emergency Medicine, Dr. Sanchez also has a special interest and passion in Regenerative and Integrative Medicine. He has seen the devastating results of chronic disease in many patients presenting to the emergency department. It was obvious to him that there is an existing deficiency in medicine to promote preventative care and lifestyle education.

Dr. Sanchez has completed his Certification with the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His focus is in on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Nutritional Replacement, Chelation Therapy and Weight Management. Dr. Sanchez created Healthy Me Medical Therapies to help his patients achieve optimal health and healthier lifestyles. So whether it is IV Nutritional Therapies, Chelation Therapy, Hormone Optimization, or weight loss; you can be sure Dr. Sanchez and his dedicated staff will work closely with you so you can achieve your goals and live a healthier life.
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Payments Accepted
For bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we accept cash or credit.
for low testosterone treatment we accept cash or credit in miami.
for iv therapy infusions we also accept cash or credit
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