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Laura Beyer, Black Belt

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American Kenpo Karate Kung Fu
Martial Arts Training
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Interested in learning the most practical form of self defense?

Any student with the will to learn will succeed.Your Kenpo Instruction is a personalized program at your pace and developed to encourage your strengths and your personal sparring style.

American Kenpo is an evolving martial art focused on combining the best techniques from many different styles to give the practitioner the most practical form of Self-Defense. Kenpo provides instruction in hard-form Japanese Karate, soft-form Chinese Kung-Fu, Joint-locks and Throwing from Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, as well as a variety of weapons to study.

Practicing Kenpo is a great form of exercise that will increase your flexibility, balance, and reflexes. It is a great way to relieve stress, calm your mind, or use as an outlet for physical therapy. Kenpo is known to have positive effects mentally and emotionally, as real confidence is encouraged in students, they developed a more balanced and secure sense of self.
- Kenpo is great training for coordinating mind and body, and our instructors are experienced with working with a variety of physical and mental disabilities, and setting goals for rehabilitation.

- American Kenpo is an amalgamation martial art of Chinese and Japanese influences, that focuses on a system of practical self-defense in the modern world.

- Almost all Kenpo techniques are counters to attacks. Traditional Kenpo Schools do not teach students how to attack people, although lethal response is heavily emphasized.

- Kenpo is not about fighting. The longer you study Kenpo, the less likely you will be in a “real fight.” Kenpo teaches awareness to avoid violence, but once a practioner of the art is attacked, their aim is to end the fight as fast and efficiently as possible.

- Often refered to as a “War Art,” Kenpo practioners dress in black uniforms to remind ourselves this art is not a game, and we do not practice a “competition sport.”

- Kenpo is usually set apart from other martial arts styles just by the sheer size of the curriculum. Students must memorize hundreds of defense techniques and several long katas, as well as study weapons in order to advance through the ranking system.

- The Kenpo belt ranking system is similiar to Karate, Judo, or Jiu-Jitsu: White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown III, Brown II, Brown I, then ten degrees of Black.

- Kenpo is an exclusively “stand-up” martial art that employs elbows, joint-locks, joint-breaks, kicks, knees, throws, and various hand strikes. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is often advised as a compliment for “groundwork” style grappling.

- Kenpo practices “Light-Contact Sparring” to train students to increase speed, flexibility, and better technique. “Groin shots” are considered legal, and practioners must strive to become masters of “Control.”
My instruction in Kenpo began with a college class called “Women’s Self Defense” in September 2008. During my freshman orientation I heard about a class in which the final exam was a practical exam that involved getting attacked on campus and defending yourself. I had studied a little martial arts before, and continued to be enthusiastic in pursuing the study of Self-Defense. Through this class I met my first sparring partner and Kenpo study-buddy, a young woman two years ahead of me. We worked very well together, and enjoyed the class enough to pursue traditional lessons under the amazing instructor Michael Winchester 5th Degree Black belt.

We officially began studying American Kenpo Karate Kung-Fu in January 2009, and by May 2010 we had earned the rank of Blue belt. She graduated that month and moved away, and I continued to study Kenpo. I tested for my Black belt on June 30th 2013, and I was officially promoted to the Black belt rank on August 7th 2013 by Myron Severson 8th Degree Black belt and Ph.D. in Martial Arts.
The Lacey Washington American Kenpo Karate Kung Fu is an "Outpost" branch of the American Kenpo Karate Kung Fu Studio located in Caldwell, ID and run by 5th Degree Black Belt Michael Winchester.
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