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Kaleidoscope ABA Therapy Services

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ABA Therapy Treatment for Autism
Community/In-home and Center-Based
Kaleidoscope ABA provides one-to-one ABA therapy services in New Jersey and Massachusetts that empower children to create their own journey in life by reaching their highest potential. Kaleidoscope ABA Therapy Services provide intensive ABA therapy to clients in their home, community, or at one of our centers.

Services individually tailored for the needs of your child.

Assessment and Treatment Planning
Our relationships always start with a comprehensive assessment by a Behavior Analyst that captures specific levels of behavior at a baseline to be used in the subsequent establishment of treatment goals. A carefully constructed, individualized and detailed behavior-analytic treatment plan is developed. The plan is followed up with ongoing and frequent direct assessment, analysis, and adjustments from our Behavior Analyst, based on a child’s progress as determined by observations and objective data analysis.

Focused Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Treatment for Autism
Focused ABA therapy services are provided to individuals who need treatment only for a limited number of key functional skills or have a specific acute problem behavior in which its treatment should be the priority. Treatment generally ranges from 10-25 hours per week of direct therapy. However, certain treatment programs for some behavior may require more than 25 hours per week of direct therapy.

Comprehensive ABA Treatment
Our Comprehensive ABA looks at producing changes across a broad set of functions including cognitive, adaptive, social, and emotional domains. Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder often involves 30-40 hours of one-to-one (1:1) direct therapy per week. Young or newly diagnosed children may start with a few hours of therapy per day, with the goal of increasing the intensity of therapy as their ability to tolerate and participate permits. The goal is to ultimately decrease hours of therapy per week when the child has met a majority of the treatment goals and is moving toward discharge.

Social Skills Programs
One of the most prevalent challenges for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder is in the area of social skills. This includes difficulty with observational skills, eye contact, play interactions, taking another’s perspective, making inferences, sharing enjoyment, and building relationships.

Our Social Skills treatment programming works on functional skills including (but not limited to) establishing social communication skills, natural environment safety skills, and independent leisure skills making it possible to appropriately participate in family and community activities. One of our goals is to develop the lifelong ability to experience these events in a positive productive manner.

Parent Participation Training
Outside of treatment, it is important for parents to have the ability and techniques to reinforce the skills their child learns in therapy by incorporating them into daily routines. As with any skill, practice is critical. Parents actively involved in their child’s therapy often increase the progress made by their children. Our treatment plans include the appropriate parent participation and training to ensure they can reinforce their child’s development beyond the therapy setting.
Kaleidoscope Family Solutions (KFS) is privately owned and has been providing services to individuals with disabilities since 2004. Since our inception, KFS has focused on in-home and in-community services that promote the healthy development of children, adults, and families through one-on-one behavioral, educational, and daily-living supports.

KFS helps individuals become independent, integrated and productive members of their community and allows them to lead everyday lives. KFS has grown to become a multi-state provider with over 15 years of experience in the field of disabilities. We have become a leader in this field by focusing on one key principle that distinguishes our services: Person-Centered Treatment.

Starting in 2019 Kaleidoscope ABA Services began providing ABA Therapy Services in-home and in-community. The evidence-based history of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy has proven it to be a best practice model used to support and provide effective treatment to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as other behavioral and developmental disabilities. Treatment is provided individually and in small settings to create the most impact and learning opportunities for children.

Helping your child develop independence and grow into adulthood is our whole life. We strive to provide both individual and community support to your family through advocacy, offering free parent support groups and by connecting you with resources beyond our own organization. You will find strength through our local and national network of individuals and families that are part of the Kaleidoscope family and embody the Kaleidoscope ABA Way.
Practice Areas
 Counseling / Therapy  Hypnotherapy
 Addiction / Drug Rehab  Learning Disabilities
 Adolescents  Life and Wellness Coaching
 Adoption  Life Transitions
 Anger Management  Loneliness
 Anxiety and Panic  Marriage & Family Therapy
 Arts Therapy (Expressive)  Marriage Counseling
 Asperger's Syndrome  Men's Issues
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  Neuropsychological Evaluation / Testing
 Bicultural Difficulties  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Body Image Issues  Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Caregiver Issues  Pet Therapy
 Children's Counseling  Play Therapy
 Chronic Illness  Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues  Premarital Counseling
 Couples Therapy  Problem Gambling
 Depression  Psychoanalysis
 Divorce  Psychological Evaluation / Testing
 Domestic Violence  Psychopharmacology
 Eating Disorders  Relationship Issues
 Educational Therapy  Religious Counseling
 EMDR Therapy  Self Esteem Issues
 Family Conflict  Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Gay or Lesbian Issues  Sexual Dysfunction
 Gender Identity / Transgenderism  Stress Management
 Gifted / Talented Issues  Trauma and PTSD
 Grief and Loss  Women's Issues
 Group Therapy  Work and Career Issues
 Herpes and STD Counseling
 Board-Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC)
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