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Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center

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Pacific Northwest's Most Affordable
Oxygen Hyperbaric Therapy
The leading affordable HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment Center in the Pacific Northwest operating since 2010, Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center technicians have treated a wide range of health conditions using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Sometimes called "dives," the treatments are straightforward. Patients relax inside a high pressure full body chamber (hyperbaric chamber) where oxygen is delivered at higher atmospheric pressures as they inhale oxygen at higher than normal concentration. This oxygen dissolves into the blood, plasma, and tissues and reaches areas with low blood flow caused by inflammation, injury, or disease.

Our clients include professional athletes, high tech entrepreneurs, members from the autism community and many local and out of state individuals that seek uncompromising health results.
Practice Areas
 Counseling / Therapy
 Certified Master Therapist (MT)
Hours:Monday-friday 11am - 6pm, saturday 11am - 2pm
2005 152nd Ave NE
RedmondWA 98052
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