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Lara Pence, PsyD, MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
DallasTX 75206
Practice Information:
Making the choice to enter into the therapy world isn't always easy. For some, the idea of becoming vulnerable and opening up to a stranger is scary and anxiety provoking. However, the long-term benefits of self-exploration, self-understanding, and self-acceptance are invaluable. Some clients enter therapy with a specific goal in mind or issue to address. Perhaps you have been referred by another clinician or identified a particular problem that needs attention. Therapy is a great place to target those issues and carefully evaluate them in a safe place. Other clients may enter therapy without a specific goal. That's fine too! I work to create a safe and comfortable environment that promotes openness and healing.

Individual Therapy - Individual therapy provides you with the opportunity to meet with me on a one on one basis and explore the complexities of your life in a safe space. I work diligently to identify your strengths, and explore ways to capitalize on these and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Family and Couples Therapy - Family and couples therapy works to identify patterns in the family system that may be preventing its members from reaching their full potential. We are all creatures of habit, but at times our habits can become mildly dysfunctional or flat out destructive. I work with each family to help develop more effective patterns and create a sense of balance within the system.

Eating Disorder Specialty - I have garnered a unique expertise in the field of eating disorders, working in two of the nation's leading treatment facilities - The Renfrew Center and The Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders at Children's Medical Center in Texas. I have experience in residential, inpatient, and outpatient settings where I was able to refine my skills and develop a wide array of tools to use in my own treatment of eating disorders. In addition, my work has traveled across all ages - as I have conducted therapy with adolescents, young adults, and adults alike. I work to identify how patients use their relationship with food to control life chaos, relationships, and seemingly difficult feelings.

Pre and Post-Partum Speciality - Beginning a family or adding a new member can be both exciting and nerve racking. All women have different experiences before, during, and after pregnancy. Sometimes there is a need for a little extra support during these intense times. I work with each woman to cultivate on her inner strength and wisdom to help her through whatever may be standing in the way of pure bliss.
I received my doctoral degree and MBA from Widener University in Philadelphia, PA. My training was mostly psychodynamic in nature with a strong emphasis on family systems. I acquired specialized training in the treatment of eating disorders while working as a primary therapist at The Renfrew Center, the nation's leader in eating disorder treatment. Additionally, I completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX, working at the Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders. I have conducted presentations around the Dallas area, focusing on increasing awareness of eating disorder treatment and education. I was featured on Good Morning America discussing the struggles behind obsessive eating disorder behaviors.
Practice Areas:
 Counseling / Therapy
 Anger Management
 Anxiety and Panic
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
 Body Image Issues
 Caregiver Issues
 Chronic Illness
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues
 Couples Therapy
 Eating Disorders
 Grief and Loss
 Group Therapy
 Life Transitions
 Marriage & Family Therapy
 Marriage Counseling
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Online / Video / Teletherapy
 Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Relationship Issues
 Self Esteem Issues
 Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Stress Management
 Trauma and PTSD
 Women's Issues
 Work and Career Issues
 Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
 Licensed Clinical Psychologist (State)
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Cash, Check
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