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Ross Ellis, M.S. M.T. BCSC... CRS
Emotional Intelligence Based Therapy
A.P.A Master Therapist
GreenvilleSC 29615
Practice Information
i have 35 years professional experience as a educator, coach, psychotherapist, counselor, and author. My focus is an educational approach to teaching and coaching persons or groups to help them develop self awareness of the person using a unique way of seeing themselves and the world and how that can be an benefit or liability in their current approach to a problem they are experiencing in their self and social relationships… I have developed a unique way to teach a method of building a self awareness skills and means of understanding alternate methods of improving relationship skills…..
The background of my approach has synthesized multiple cognitive and emotional based psych approaches to the use of Emotional intelligence applications to re educating our own thinking and emotions internal systems for a healthy approaches to relationships…
My belief is that our relationships with ourself and others is critical to our self image and our success in living with others in this world in a way that peacefulness is accomplished.
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Life Coaching
 Anger Management
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues
 Creative Self 
 Dating / Relationships / Divorce 
 Educational / Academic 
 Emotional Intelligence 
 Goal setting 
 Self Initiative 
 Life Purpose 
 Marriage / Couples 
 Organization Skills 
 Self Confidence and Self Esteem Building 
 Life Transitions
 Work / Life Balance
 Business Coaching Specialist
 Certified Life Mastery Coach
 Certified Master Coach
 Relationship Coaching Specialist
 Wellness Coaching Specialist
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My education was the following:
Los Angeles Valley College... Van Nuys,, Calif
Univ of Illinois Champaign, Ill
Univ of Nebraska at Omaha, Ne B.S. Psych M.S. Counseling
Cambridge Univ S.A. PhD in Business Development
20 years Military Psychiatric Mental Health Clinic Manager and Therapist U.S. A.F.
Psychotherapist... Way Clinic and Lutheran Hospital Omaha Ne
Founder Therapist Development Institute Omaha Ne
Educator Adjunct Professor .. Univ of Nebraska... Buena Vista College.. Univ of Colorado at Colo Springs
Adlerian Minnesota Institute... Certified Adlerian Psychotherapist
co Founder of EITRI Emotional Intelligence Training and Research Institute Corpus Christi Tx
Certified emotional intelligence educator
Founder of Strategic Resources Assisstants Inc. Developed and Taught Training EI in Russia , Ukraine, and U.S.
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