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Jessica Funk, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Portrait Health Centers
1689 Curran Rd.   
Suite 202   
MchenryIL 60050
Practice Information
Portrait Health Centers are multi-specialty clinics that employ the most cutting-edge and proven assessment protocols and treatment options available, believing that an Effective Treatment Depends On An Accurate Diagnosis. Individuals should not have to “play doctor” by researching available treatments and then self-selecting which of these treatments has been scientifically validated and would be most appropriate for themselves or their family. At Portrait Health Centers, we provide a comprehensive and multi-specialty assessment to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and incorporate an appropriate treatment plan.
 Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
Specialties: Mood Disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar, irritability, suicidal feelings), Anxiety Disorders (e.g. social anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, hoarding), Trauma and Stress-related Disorders (e.g. PTSD, acute stress, life adjustment/transitional stress), Behavioral Disorders (e.g. ADHD, oppositional and defiant behaviors, impulse-control problems, behavioral misconduct at school, home or work), Neurodevelopmental Disorders (e.g. Autism spectrum, learning difficulties, communication and social difficulties), Health related Disorders (e.g. chronic pain, sleep difficulties, stress-induced tension, sexual dysfunction), Gender and Identity Issues, Substance and Alcohol over-use, Relationship Issues (e.g. marital, family of origin, child-parent, peer difficulties), Coping with an addict, Coping with loss, Self-harm, Educational or Occupational problems, Women’s issues (e.g. pregnancy issues, post-partum depression, infertility, miscarriage, sexual harassment or mistreatment), Eating Disorders (e.g. anorexia, bulimia, body image issues, over-eating) and family issues

My primary goal in therapy is to create a trusting, safe, non-judgmental environment that allows you to process and explore what is keeping you from reaching your own personal goals. I use an eclectic approach dependent uponyour presenting issues and goals to ensure I am meeting your expectations for therapy. This can include cognitive-behavioral techniques to change negative thought patterns, relaxation exercises to cope more effectively with stress, or analysis of your role in the various systems (e.g. family, work) in which you exist to determine what you can and cannot control in those systems. I have worked solely in an outpatient setting providing therapy and testing to children, adolescents, and adults for the last 5 years. I have a special interest in whole body health acknowledging that our emotional health does not exist and cannot progress without addressing physical and environmental health.
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Anger Management
 Anxiety and Panic
 Arts Therapy (Expressive)
 Asperger's Syndrome
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
 Bicultural Difficulties
 Body Image Issues
 Caregiver Issues
 Children's Counseling
 Chronic Illness
 Domestic Violence
 Eating Disorders
 Educational Therapy
 Family Conflict
 Gay or Lesbian Issues
 Gender Identity / Transgenderism
 Gifted / Talented Issues
 Grief and Loss
 Group Therapy
 Herpes and STD Counseling
 Learning Disabilities
 Life and Wellness Coaching
 Life Transitions
 Marriage & Family Therapy
 Marriage Counseling
 Men's Issues
 Neuropsychological Evaluation / Testing
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Online / Teletherapy
 Pet Therapy
 Play Therapy
 Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Premarital Counseling
 Problem Gambling
 Psychological Evaluation / Testing
 Relationship Issues
 Religious Counseling
 Self-Esteem Issues
 Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Sexual Dysfunction
 Stress Management
 Trauma and PTSD
 Women's Issues
 Work and Career Issues
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