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Myofascial Release Therapy Relieves Pain and Restores Motion

Article from Natural Awakenings Magazine- Greater Las Vegas Edition

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) is a safe and effective, hands-on technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into myofascial con- nective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The prefix “myo” refers to a muscle, and fascia is a tough connective tissue that supports and surrounds every muscle, nerve, blood vessel, bone and organ in the body. Fascia is present in our body from head to toe.
Myofascial restrictions cause our body to be out of optimal alignment, not allowing it to work properly or freely and over time, may cause lack of mobility, dysfunction and pain. Perceived pain may be local to the restrictions or in seemingly unrelated areas of the body away from them.
MFR helps to release the entire myo- fascial complex and eliminate pressure from pain-sensitive structures. Upon a comprehensive initial evaluation ad- dressing posture, structural alignment, range of motion, myofascial flexibility and mobility, the therapist will identify
the areas and parts of each unique in- dividual's body that need to be released and opened. MFR treatment is then per- formed on the skin, without lotions or oils, to effectively release the restrictions.
MFR is not a massage. MFR thera- pists provide sustained, gentle, pressure for a minimum of two to five minutes in the areas of restriction or as long as it takes for restrictions to release. This al- lows the fascia to elongate naturally and effectively, returning to its normal rest- ing length and providing results that are measureable, functional and long-lasting. “MFR can never injure or harm you,” states Rowena Cua, a licensed massage therapist and owner of Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center, in Las Vegas.
According to Cua, “Myofascial release involves more than structural or physical improvement. There is an intimate connection between body and mind. Memories can become locked within the fascial system from what is known as your body’s tissue memory, and can oftentimes manifest themselves in the
physical or emotional pain that you feel. With the help of MFR, the physical and emotional content of any injury, literal or symbolic, may be addressed in a safe and gentle way and environment.
“JFB Myofascial Release is a whole body approach that addresses the root cause of symptoms and releases them, thus allowing your body to return to its natural grace and fluidity of movement. You will experience healing on a faster rate and it will be more complete and lasting.”
Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center is located at 5463 S. Durango Dr., Ste. 120E, in Las Vegas. For appointments call 702-776-8881. For more information, visit BodyMFR.com.
With Myofascial Release, Your Body Heals Itself – Naturally
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Allows authentic, truly long-lasting healing
• Improves ability to focus
Allows physical, emotional and mental balance
• Improves quality of sleep
Eliminates pain, allowing for a more active lifestyle
• Improves nerve function
Increases mobility, flexibility, and energy levels
• Improves postural alignment dramatically
At Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center, we will help facilitate your body’s natural healing ability––safely, gently, effectively.
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