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Self Care for Healing Professionals

Building and maintaining a business or a striving practice can be tough and all-consuming. Being intuitive, giving and selfless individuals that we are, we often forget to care for our own selves.

We lose ourselves in helping others, fulfilling our purpose in life, sometimes disregarding that voice inside that is begging us to slow down, to smell the roses, to pay attention, to love and care.

So what are some easy ways to care for one’s precious and beautiful self?

Live! Colorado is a magical place full of splendor and magnificence. The warm sunny days cradle us, smile at us daily and call for us to take pleasure in them. Take a stroll each day. Devote a few minutes to smelling the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine on your face. Stop and look around you to notice the endless beauty of every season we are so lucky to enjoy. Close your eyes and open your heart to the glorious exquisiteness of nature and the wonderful world that surrounds you!

Allow yourself some time each day to meditate and dream. You can do this anywhere: in the shower, while eating a meal, walking down the street, or sitting at your desk between sessions. It can be done in many different ways, being conscious of your breath and body, staying present in the moment.

Laugh! Find some way to put a smile on your precious face daily. It can be as simple as looking at an inspirational desk calendar or exposing yourself to cheeky and always innocent faces of children, spending time with all-accepting and happy pets, or just being or playing outside. Have a rewarding and meaningful conversation with a friend, family member or coworker. Listen to your intuition, unleash your creativity and let it flow through you filling you and the world with love.

Love! Don’t forget to pause and enjoy the warm feeling your work brings. Marvel in the warm and sweet sensation it creates inside your soul, if only for a minute. You are changing the world, making it a better place. You are the vessel of love and splendor, the key to the door of growth and transformation, the beautiful tree of life. Treat yourself with respect and adoration you deserve.