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If we do begin to rehab our sick system of medicine into a smart or health based system as championed by Dr. Dan in “Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures”, where do we begin? “The sick system of medicine alleviates symptoms – The smart system promotes cures” begins Dr. Dan.

In the day-to-day financial practice of medicine the reigning sick system typically relies on the expertise of a physician or sole practitioner and a small team of support staff controlled by third party payers to heal mostly symptoms. The smart system would involve and ‘pay’ everyone to promote and focus on the real cure(s) of their illnesses.


Dr. Dan carried the devotion and kindness to serve God from his high school seminary days into pre-med. “I was shocked into reality as I discovered how cold and detached most practitioner’s day to day operations really were from their patients and most certainly families. I decided to enter what seemed to me at the time, the kindness based field of psychotherapy instead.”

“I was blessed to begin working with populations no hospital or physician wanted – substance abusers and the true medical lepers of the day – the dual diagnosed! The rehab process reminded me of the care and sacrifice so prevalent in my seminary experiences. Because of our sick model of medicine these still epidemic patient populations are filling jail and prison cots as well as non rehab hospital beds as never before. Death by sleeping pills alone is topping 500,000 per year.

The costs to our families and society will continue the tsunami of cruel denial destroying on our nation and world for that matter. The only true cure for substance addictions even today is to never use or become dependent in the first place. Having failed that, getting great help and early whole family recovery is the best option. By the time a family becomes chronically enmeshed in their addiction process, the revolving door corrections and hospitalizations waste and deplete our limited fiscal resources”, continues Dr. Dan.


Today Dr. Dan and his much more reluctant family have tapped into their life long Family Advocate role and video/film production to counter the destruction of this horrific economy. “Smart Tough Love works better than ‘Killing with Kindness’ in dealing with addictions and tough times”, confides Dr. Dan. ”Our Rehab programs were much more successful because we assessed and treated the entire family not just the identified patient”.

“Our patients and affected family members confronted each other’s illness much more often than our staff experts. We were heavily involved in what I called cure focused Career Assistance Programs (CAPS). Physicians Helping Physicians and Lawyers Helping Lawyers are good examples of cure focused Smart Medicine Interventions we helped pioneer. We also contributed heavily to the founding of all types of Employee and Student Assistance programs’.

Individuals and whole families vow to help each other attain their dreams and entertain and provide common sense medicinal support in the process.. Dr. Mom and Dr. Friend will always reign supreme in the real practice of Smart Medicine. We just need to make sure this type of front line kindness and helping is not lost to the seemingly detached sick model. “Our corporate motto is ‘We Are One Family’ and our dream continues to be Saving Lives and Families. We are just doing this from an advocacy role and innovative book, DVD, film, video and movie production”, concludes Dr. Dan. The latest successful innovative rehab product is the Online Rehab Clinic (ORC) described below. Smart Medicine it appears will be advocated on the Internet if not in our currently challenged sick model of care.
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