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How to Find a Good Counselor

If you have a close friend or relative whom you feel safe enough to ask, see if they have even seen a counselor and ask if they were happy with the results. If they were, ask if they would mind if you see that person also. Sometimes they would rather not have you also go see the same person, and that is okay and normal, so don't take it personally. In lieu of that, ask your doctor, letting them know what is going on and who might be a good fit for you.

If those are not options for you, try a Google search using counseling along with any other terms that address the type of counseling you are looking, i.e., depression counseling, counseling for childhood abuse, PTSD counseling, or counseling for anxiety. This will usually bring an abundance of choices and it may take a few minutes, but read what each person has written on their site or profiles. This can often give you a feel for what they are like, and if you find one whose writing appeals to you, give them a call.

Don't find the right counselor the first time? Keep trying. If you don't get a good match does not mean to give up on the counseling, it just helps you be more informed about what you are looking for in your search.