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Accepting the Unexpected and the Unwanted

Someone close to me, is struggling with several health issues. She has been going to many specialists and has had multiple tests done. She has been feeling frustrated, afraid, worried, and powerless over what has been happening to her health and her body. She was recently diagnosed with a chronic disorder that may have a future full of pain, decompensation, physical challenges, multiple medications, and other systemic health consequences.

She is dealing with the very unexpected and something that is very unwanted.

Many of us deal with the unexpected at different times in our lives. We lose people who we love. We sustain injuries both physical and mental. We experience traumatic events. Bad things happen to us. We grieve. We get angry. We deny. We feel pain. We lose our balance. We are faced with the unwanted.

But through all the unexpected, painful, unwanted and disappointing things we experience through our journey, the one thing that is constant through it all, is that we are given choices about how we deal, accept, overcome, and heal from whatever happens to us. We get to choose if we...

lay down, quit, or give in...or if we

accept, problem solve, and cope...or if we

fight back, find hope, courage, and empowerment

At different times through our re-adjustment, we need to create a new normal. We may have those days that we don't want to give the world our all, but even if we experience tragedy and trauma in our lives, we still have choices on how we take care of ourselves...we can choose healing and positive changes, or we can give in and let the unexpected and the unwanted overwhelm and consume us.

In my first blog post, I quoted M. Scott Peck's The Roadless Traveled, "Life is difficult."

Life is full of the unexpected and unwanted. How you deal with it and work through it, is what truly matters. It speaks to who you are...your integrity, your strength, your commitment to yourself, your acceptance, your healing, and as a friend of mine would say, "what and how you choose to give back to the universe."

Supporting You on Your Healing Quest