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Transforming and Changing is Part of Our Journey

~ You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar
Trina Paulus

Recently, I saw the above quote, and it touched me in a profound way. Last month, I wrote about the Stages of Change, where I described the transitions and steps we take as we experience the process of change. I explained that during the change process, we identify the internal reasons and motivating factors that lead us toward and help us want to change. We contemplate and identify the pros and the gains of change and then we need to develop a willingness to give up the old and welcome the new.

The metamorphosis that a butterfly experiences includes a cocoon, pupa, or chrysalis stage. We often experience a similar stage when things are at a status quo, or even uneventful in our lives. When we experience this stage, we often feel safe, protected, and calm. It is when we think about changing, moving on, or transforming that we begin to feel vulnerable, unshielded, and anxious. The anew is filled with unknowns, vulnerabilities, risks, and often fear.

However, we can remind ourselves of the beauty and the freedom of a butterfly. Hence, the beauty and the freedom of our own anew, whether it's a new chapter in life, a new challenge, or a new relationship...it can bring us an opportunity to experience life in a whole new way. With every new experience and transition, our vantage point, lens, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about ourselves and our lives alter, develop, and change.

It's how we grow. It is how we transition and transform. It is part of our life process. It's part of our journey. It is a profound, freeing, and beautiful process which unfolds within us.

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