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Couples Conflict, Sexuality, and Food Problems
Susan Bushong, MA., LMFT-Supervisor, LPC
Inner Peace Now
Couples, sex and food problems are my specialties. With over 30 years training and experience as a therapist, I treat couples with intimacy, sexuality, communication, and infidelity problems. I treat eating disorders,sexual addiction (including pornography use), anxiety and depression. I am a certified weight loss specialist and hold an advanced certification in probl
Marriage & Family Therapist
Austin, TX 78745
Marriage & Family Therapy, Play Therapy, EMDR, Imago Therapy
Mediator,Parenting Coordinator/Facilitator, Anger Resolution
Thao M. Phan, MA, MPH, MS, LMFT-S, LPC-S
Austin- Bee Caves Counseling Center
Working with adults: My work with adults includes individual therapy with men and women, couples counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling. Sometimes individuals have needs related to work, stress, childhood issues, or relationships. I want to help. Life can be very difficult at times, and a caring therapist who listens and understands can
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78736
Therapy for You and Your Relationship
Seyma Calihman, LCSW, LMFT, Board Certified Sex Th...
I provide a safe environment and use an active, forthright style to help you: * Get to the heart of the problems you are facing and make changes that matter * "Rewire" emotional and body triggers so you have more peace and well-being, less pain * Change old patterns and meet life challenges in new ways * Use existing conflict to breathe new l
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78703
Counseling and Biofeedback Services
in South Austin and Westlake Hills
Andrea Greebon, MS, LPC
I help people who are struggling with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues including, but not limited to, those related to abuse, addiction, career/academic problems, confidence/self-esteem, domestic violence, eating disorders, life transitions, loss or grief, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, parenting, relationship issues, stress management
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Has Articles
ABA Therapy for Children with Autism
ABA Spectrum Therapy, LLC
Our mission at ABA Spectrum Therapy,LLC, is to impact the lives of individuals with autism and developmental delays through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We strive to build the foundations needed to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience while improving your child's language and communication skills, social skills, play skills, and behavior. Wh
Austin, TX 78613
Josh Krueger McAdams
Licensed Professional Counselor
Josh McAdams, MA, LPC
McAdams Therapy
My psychotherapy practice takes a down to earth approach to providing a variety of specializations to a wide range of people. I bring diversified experience to the counseling chair. Over the past eight years I have had an opportunity to work with adults and adolescents of all socioeconomic, racial, cultural, and sexual backgrounds. Today, my practice provides a saf
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78703
Help for Emotional Eating
Natalia Gian Buchanan, M.S., LPC
Psychotherapy Practice Of Natalia Gian Buchanan LPC, PLLC
Do you feel like thoughts of food rule your life? Are you tired of constantly being on a diet, losing a little weight, and then gaining it right back (and sometimes more)? Does this pattern lead to feelings of hopeless that you’ll never lose the weight? STOP!! You CAN feel better and END this maddening cycle!! I’d like to help. I offer a safe place to explore the area
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78703
Therapy for Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Families
Play Therapy for young children
Rebecca Kloc, LPC
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor/Therapist and my practice is located on Bee Caves Road in Westlake Hills, Austin, Texas 78746. I see children, adolescents, adults, and families that are dealing with divorce, ADHD, trauma, anger management, and behavior issues. When families and individuals become overwhelmed by the challenges in their lives, I can provide suppo
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Beckett Franklin-Gray, MA, LPC
I appreciate your courage for the act of seeking counseling. You may be suffering from the effects of one or more of the following: stress, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger, life transition, divorce, suicide ideation, etc. Clients come to counseling for many different reasons. No two clients are the same. You may be considering counseling for
Licensed Professional Counselor
Austin, TX 78750
Online Psychologist
Self-Esteem, Anxiety, and Depression Counseling in Texas
Mona Ghosheh, PhD
Are you constantly fighting back thoughts that leave you feeling worthless, anxious, and depressed? Do you question whether you're deserving of happiness because of who you are or aren't? Do you even feel unwanted by others because important aspects of yourself are misunderstood, undervalued, or unseen? Imagine embracing your FULL self, in spite of these negative thou
Austin, TX 78741
Providing Compassionate and Confidential Counseling
And Career Coaching
Deborah Roberson, MA, NCC, LPC
Roberson Counseling Center
Are you a stressed-out mom who feels disrespected or unappreciated? Do you dread and delay getting out of bed to take care of daily chores? I know it’s tough. As women, job demands and personal care can be just too much to balance on top of our kids’ or partner's needs. If you find that you are not taking care of your own needs and that you are care-taking everyone el
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78752
Becca Mcconnell LPC – Austin Counseling and Psychotherapy
Individual, Child, Family, Marital and Individual Counseling
Becca Mcconnell LPC
You may be struggling with your children, teenager or partner. You may be going through a particularly stressful time in your life and don’t know how to cope. As a psychotherapist, I specialize in helping children, families, couples, and individuals discover harmony and balance by delivering excellent clinical and consulting services to my clients. My mission is to en
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78748
Break Free from What Is Tying You Down.
Contact Us Today So We Can Help You!
William Schroeder, LPC
Just Mind
Through individual counseling & coaching, we help clients come to a better understanding of what they need to find individual happiness and to empower them to overcome obstacles in their path. We provide a comfortable and casual atmosphere for therapy so clients feel at ease when speaking with us. The right fit between provider and client is paramount in creating chan
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78759
EMDR, Imago, Group for Better Relationships,
Creativity, Anxiety and PTSD
Michelle Bohls, LMFT, EMDR
Intuitive Mind Counseling
Overcoming anxiety and other emotional blocks can be challenging on your own. In my work with artists and other creative people, it seems there is often this type of struggle with anxiety, sometimes directly in performance anxiety and other times in a more general way, like in social situations. Working through stuck places in a relationship or your career can be equa
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78757
Counseling in South Austin
Kat Elrod, LPC
Kat Elrod, MS LPC
“Are you feeling overwhelmed with the juggling act of life? Is the pain of the past seeping into your everyday? Feeling lost and disconnected? I understand you're here because you're hurting and tired of the struggle. Your relationships with friends and loved ones are probably hurting too. I want to help you believe in yourself again and learn to cope with this outrag
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78704
Helping People & Relationships Thrive
Scott Phillips, LMFT
Are you looking to connect with what gives you pleasure in life? You may be seeking help with depression, anxiety, or difficult relationships. Many people suffer through years of painful or problematic experiences that interfere with their lives. We can understand together what may get in the way internally and externally of satisfying personal lives & relationships.
Marriage & Family Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Lisa Leonard, LMFT, LPC
I have been in private practice in Austin for over 20 years. My approach is direct, results-oriented, and pragmatic. My specialties are marriage counseling, step families, parenting, and depression. I offer a free 20 minute consultation to prospective clients to see if we have a good fit.
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Katherine Guenther, MS, LPC-S
Counseling Mindfulness
Are intense emotions keeping you from having the life you want? Do you wish you had more stable relationships? Better control over your actions and reactions? If you are tired of hurting, or feeling like you hurt the people you love, it is my job to help you find a more satisfying way of living. I have been trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which wa
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78745
ABA Therapy for Austism and Social Learning
Helping Children Ages 1-12 Years
Austin ABA Connect
Helping children with autism to learn new behaviors and acquire new skills to be able to navigate socially easier. Early intervention changes lives. Austin ABA Connect is a group of professionals dedicated to providing effective, evidence-based behavior support designed to improve the lives of children, their families, and teachers. Using the principles of Applie
Austin, TX 78749
Psychotherapy, Counseling and Relationship Coaching
For Individuals, Couples and Families
Rachel Madorsky, LCSW
Are you ready to feel good and in control of your life with less effort and more ease? Are you in a relationship that could use some help? Perhaps you are at a cross road in life and would like some support as you sort through your thoughts. You deserve to have a great life and I am hear to listen and help you have what you want. My Approach to counseling is encou
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Austin Life Counseling, Heather Mcpherson M.A., LP...
Whether your relationship is out of balance, or you just want to build upon what you already have, I believe all couples can benefit from counseling / coaching. Together, we will discuss what is needed to create and maintain authentic, healthy relationships. We will dive into the mystery of your relationship, highlight the positive aspects, while dealing with the setb
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Juaniki Stewart M.S., LMFT, LCDC
LiveWell* Counseling
LiveWell* Congratulations on your first step to Wellness! At LiveWell* you will find that I treat a number of mental and behavioral disorders as well as life circumstances that may be impacting your quality of life. I specialize in repairing relationships that are damaged. This can be a painfull process, however the reward is worth it. I also conduct Premarital Co
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78746
Hypnosis Works!
Laura Ryan-Day, ChT, MA
A New Day Hypnosis
Would you like to have more success in your life? Hypnosis works! A New Day Hypnosis is dedicated to helping individuals transform their bad habits into self-serving behaviors that will allow them to enjoy life to the fullest. Hypnosis is a powerful therapy tool which helps people achieve a state of deep relaxation. It combines techniques of meditation and guided i
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78703
Lisa Knudson LCSW; Relationship Therapist/Codependency
Lisa Knudson, LCSW
I have a private practice in Central Austin TX. I provide counseling to men and women who feel alone and afraid due to being caught in an unhealthy relationship pattern and need guidance to get unstuck. I will help you to get off the rollercoaster ride and take your life back. I have over 20 years experience in the counseling field. My specialities include Codepend
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist
Austin, TX 78703
Helping Spouses Regain Their Relationship
Quality marriage counseling to rebuild communication & trust
Anna McElearney, LMFT
Everything can be so difficult when you're having relationship problems. When you don't see any real change happening, it can be overwhelming. When you try to communicate but quickly fall into patterns of relating that leave you frustrated, feeling misunderstood and questioning what to do. Many couples I work with are wanting to repair their marriage. Wanting to im
Counselor / Therapist
Austin, TX 78759
Has Articles
Seton Shoal Creek Hospital
Adult Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program Seton Mind Institute Behavioral Health Services Adult Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Group Schedule Groups are located in Austin, Round Rock and Kyle Morning program hours: Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Evening program hours: Monday - Thursday 6 to 9 p.m. The Adult Mental Health Intensive O
Treatment Center
Austin, TX 78731