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Strategic thinking for compassionate problem solving
Marion Brown, MSW, Certified EMDR Therapist
Marion J Brown, LCSW,LLC
My interest, training, and expertise focus on two primary areas of psychotherapy: 1) anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and post traumatic stress disorder and 2) couples/ marital counseling. I am a Certified EMDR therapist, which is an empowering, collaborative, treatment process that is THE treatment of choice for those su
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist
Richmond, VA 23226
Collaborative Divorce: The Kind and Gentle Approach
Therapy: A Gateway to Personal Growth and Peace
Susan Buniva, MSW, LCSW
Welcome. I am so glad you are here and want to support you in gathering information as you make this important decision to find either a therapist or a collaborative divorce coach. Choosing a therapist or coach involves finding someone with the right training and credentials but also someone with whom you will feel comfortable as you approach this challenging process.
Counselor / Therapist
Richmond, VA 23226
Melanie Stoudt, LPC, CSOTP
Melanie M Stoudt, LLC
As a psychotherapist, my aim is to help clients attain their goals in order to be empowered and living in the present. By assisting a client through the process of change, one can embrace his/her potential and move forward in one's chosen direction. My approach, whether with individuals, couples or families, is to understand a client's experience, help identify op
Counselor / Therapist
Richmond, VA 23226
Asian Community Mental Health Services- Contra Cos...
Established in 1974, Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS) offers multilingual and multicultural care that centers on principles and practices that: Promote concepts key to strength-based recovery: hope, dignity, personal empowerment, self-determination, respect and social connection; Plan for each client’s individual needs; Reflect the cultural, ethnic,
Treatment Center
Richmond, CA 94805