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Speech Therapist inSan Diego, CA 92109

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Speech Therapy from the Comfort of your Home
Open Door Speech Therapy, Inc.
Open Door Speech provides quality speech and language services in the comfort of your own home! Both in-home and tele-practice therapy sessions are available to meet our clients' unique needs. Open Door Speech believes that a natural and familiar setting paired with family involvement will encourage clients to feel comfortable when trying new strategies to enhance com
Speech-Language Pathologist
San Diego, CA 92109
0 miles away
Speech and Occupational Therapy
San Diego Center For Speech Therapy & Occupational...
San Diego Center for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Educational Services is committed to helping children and young adults become successful and confident communicators in the classroom, home and throughout their lives. We work with individuals of all ages from birth to adulthood. In addition to speech therapy services and social skills groups, our center offe
Speech-Language Pathologist
San Diego, CA 92130
11 miles away
Starlight Speech & Language
Starlight Speech & Language is a pediatric speech therapy and enrichment practice. I provide in-home or in-school speech therapy and enrichment services to help meet the needs of busy families. I use the latest scientific evidence to provide the most effective therapy services. Every child deserves the ability to communicate with his family, friends and community. I'm
Speech-Language Pathologist
San Diego, CA 92130
11 miles away
Effective Communication for All
Susan Berkowitz, M.S., M.Ed.,C.C.C., SLP
My practice consists primarily of independent evaluations and consultation. My experience lies largely in the areas of augmentative alternative communication (AAC), working with individuals with autism, and students with significant language learning disabilities. I have spent almost 40 years working with children and adolescents with autism; in public and private s
Speech-Language Pathologist
San Diego, CA 92127
18.3 miles away