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Dominique Gaveaux, UKCP accredited

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I now work entirely online via Skype.

By being curious about yourself and about what happened to you in the past, you are more in control of your life now. You are less at risk of repeating destructive patterns and less burdened by what you carry unnecessarily. You become more pro-active.

This is what my own experience as a client of counselling and psychotherapy has helped me to achieve — to be more in charge of my own life.

Friends and family are not always available to talk to, and you probably don’t want to burden them with dark thoughts and feelings that may have devastating effects on them and on your relationship with them.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help you to examine your past and present story, accompanied by a professional trained to listen to you, to understand you without judging, and to go with you on this journey.

I work with:


Counselling and Psychotherapy — the integrative approach

I work with an integrative approach: this combines core humanistic values with psychodynamic principles. The integrative approach can help you to bring together all aspects of human existence at a deep level — feelings, behaviour, body, mind, and spirit.

Counselling or psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually short-term and focusses on specific issues, while psychotherapy is long-term, open-ended, and examines in depth your past history in relation to your present and makes you aware of the unconscious forces that drive repetitive patterns and behaviour.

Disturbing feelings and thoughts are sometimes ‘stuck’ and stored up. They prevent us from functioning in more satisfying ways in our life and relationships. Sometimes we try hard to push away what is uncomfortable to talk about, to feel and to face.

The unspoken thoughts and feelings are kept hidden even from ourselves. And then, when a traumatic event, or constellation of events occurs — leaving home, separation, breakdown of a relationship, loss, illness, death, change of environment, redundancy, retirement — the whole edifice of our life may crumble.

Previously repressed thoughts and feelings may return with a vengeance, but disguised in various forms — feeling low and miserable, depressed for no apparent reason, feeling that life has no meaning, unexplained body pain, nightmares, repetitive destructive patterns in relating to people, ill-being and mal de vivre, panic attacks, disturbed sleep…

When you go through a crisis, you have a sense that life should be more than what you are experiencing.

Counselling and Psychotherapy help us understand relationships. Human beings do not live in a vacuum: we need to relate to others. We are shaped by early ways of relating to people and by how we have experienced past events.

If you want to make sense of what is happening to you and of the relationships you form with others, counselling and psychotherapy can help you.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you to express your needs and to find your core values. Personal growth and development follow, helping you to reach your potential, in relation to where you are in your life journey.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be daunting — it is not always easy to talk to someone you don‘t know, to trust the unknown process that you are going through, and even simply to be with your feelings. This is why maintaining commitment and continuity within a structured framework is a fundamental part of therapy.

Counselling and psychotherapy is also rewarding, a place where you can celebrate your achievements and progress.
I trained with Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) and I am accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).


Degree in French Literature, France
MA and MEd in Linguistics, France
Counselling Certificate (Bristol University)
Diploma in Psychotherapy (Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling) — UKCP accredited
MA (Middlesex University) in Integrative Psychotherapy. “Beyond the pale: Shame in the relationship with others and its transformation”
Supervision Diploma (BCPC)
Relate Diploma in Working with Couples

Individuals who have gone through traumatic experiences
People who have been sexually abused
Couples work
Psychotherapy in English or French

Other interests

I am interested in literature, the arts, and cinema. I write at times about novels and films from a psychological point of view.
Practice Areas
 Counselling / Therapy  Grief and Loss
 Anger Management  Life Transitions
 Anxiety and Panic  Loneliness
 Bicultural Difficulties  Marriage Counselling
 Caregiver Issues  Relationship Issues
 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Issues  Self Esteem Issues
 Couples Therapy  Trauma and PTSD
 Depression  Women's Issues
 British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)  Psychotherapy (MA)
 United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
Please see above.
British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)
Jung Lectures Association
Bristol Psychotherapy Association (BPA)
Counselling and Psychotherapy Experience
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Payments Accepted
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Cost/Session:£55, some concessions
License:UKCP accredited
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