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Dr. Michael A Emerson - Montana City Counseling

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A Fresh Approach for the Stresses of Today's Families
Early Identification, Understanding and Treatment
Adele Boudreau, R.N. is an experienced Psychiatric Nurse who manages Dr. Emerson's practice. Together, they are able to provide quality, confidential, therapy to individuals and families who experience a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns. Their collaborative approach brings over 45 years of combined experience and expertise to the Mental Health field, enabling them to better support both individual and family systems in times of crises.

Specializing in adult and adolescent issues, their practice provides early identification, understanding and treatment of underlying problems and issues. Client focused therapy, with an underlying Cognitive Behavioral understanding, is the personal, pragmatic and goal oriented basis for Dr. Emerson's psychotherapeutic, counseling philosophy.
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Therapy  Grief and Loss
 Anger Management  Life Transitions
 Anxiety and Panic  Loneliness
 Bicultural Difficulties  Marriage & Family Therapy
 Caregiver Issues  Marriage Counseling
 Chronic Illness  Premarital Counseling
 Couples  Relationship Issues
 Depression  Self-Esteem Issues
 Divorce  Stress Management
 Domestic Violence  Trauma and PTSD
 Educational Therapy  Work and Career Issues
 EMDR Therapy
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 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (NBCCH)  Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC)
 Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist (CCBT)  Certified EMDR Therapist (EMDRIA)
 Certified Professional Counselor (ABPC)  Certified Relationship Specialist (CRS)
 Diplomate, American Psychotherapy Association (DAPA)  Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)
 EMDR Part 1 and 2 (EMDRIA)  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
 Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)  Licensed Mental Health Counselor (State)
 Psychotherapy (MA)
B.S. - Psychology
M.S. - Marriage and Family Counseling
Ph.D. - Clinical Psychology
Board Certified Professional Counselor
Diplomate of Professional Counseling
Diplomate American Psychotherapy Association
Certified Relationship Specialist
Fellow American Psychotherapy Association
Dr. Michael A. Emerson received his Baccalaureate in Psychology, his Masters of Science Degree in Family Counseling and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He has experiences in a variety of mental health treatment facilities, encompassing inpatient and outpatient settings. Dr. Emerson provides consultation and mediation as well as expertise in specific clinical issues and modalities.

Dr. Emerson holds licensure as a certified Mental Health Professional Person, EMDR clinician, Board Certified Professional Counselor (IABMCP-Diplomat), as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Emerson also holds credentialing in Clinical Hypnosis, Parent Effectiveness Training and Facilitative mediation. He has applied his skills as a Counselor, School Psychologist, Mental Health Psychologist, Psychiatric Hospital Administrator, Psychiatric Clinical Director, Chief Hospital Psychologist and currently as a Private Practice Clinician and Mediator.

He has served as the past President Elect of the Montana Counseling Association.
American Counseling Association
Montana Counseling Association
American Psychotherapy Association
International Academy Of Behavioral Mediciine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Inc.
Montana Association Of School Psychologists
Associate - National Association Of Social Workers (NASW): Montana Chapter
Payments Accepted
Most insurance is accepted as well as cash or credit card. (Excluding Medicaid and Medicare)
Hours:8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday
Standard Rates
License:LCPC 470 - Montana
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Dr. M is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He has seen multiple members of my family and none of us would be where we are if it weren't for his help and guidance. He has an uncanny ability to get people to open up and share without feeling inferior. He does an AMAZING act with cards as well as plays the guitar, for those times you feel there is not much to say or don't know where to start. He is patient and kind and genuinely cares about ANY/EVERY person who sits across from him. Whether you're moving on, over, away, going through something or just looking for a friend, he will meet you 100% of the way and always does his part to make sure that whatever you're facing, you don't do it alone. I would recommend his services to anyone. He is a true professional and an outstanding individual.
Db, Wolf Creek
I saw Dr M a few years ago to help me with my depression. His guidance with CBT helped me confront the irrationalities that were locked away, keeping me from finding relief due to long time patterns of coping skills that never have worked. It was affecting my marriage, my career, my life. With his support and guidance I have been able to keep the Dark Horse away from ruining my life. Occasionally I come back for a "tune up" and he is more than willing to kick start what needs to be started and help me put breaks on the curves I need, in order for me not to crash. Living one's life I have learned, is not a destination but a journey. A journey, I have come not only to trust but to enjoy. I highly recommend Dr M if you are serious about making a change and living your life rather than just existing..
Jeri Hoffman, Helena, MT
Dr. Emerson has given me….

The freedom to be me.
Permission to feel safe in my own skin.
To feel worthy.
To feel like I am enough.

Thank you seems wholly inadequate. So, in addition to my gratitude—which I hope I communicate to him as often as I feel it, but I’m certain I fail miserably—I offer a recommendation that you give him an opportunity to guide you through whatever dark waters you may need to cross. He will do so with kindness, patience, wisdom, insight, compassion, humor and unparalleled knowledge and skill. And although you may doubt, he will not. He will “carry” you with grace and empathy until you are safely on the other side.

I am forever indebted to Dr. Emerson.
Dennis, Montana City
I have been seeing Dr. Emerson for almost 2 years now for depression and family issues. The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Mike was his approachability. Dr. Mike does a great job of listening, then providing ideas and strategies about how to deal with all of the challenges that life dishes up. In several sessions, Dr. Mike has assigned "homework" - sometimes a sheet of paper with questions or ways to approach a problem or issue that forced me to critically analyze a situation and reach a well thought out resolution. Sometime the "homework" was a directive to work on an issue and have a serious conversation with the parties involved. Several of my kids have also used Dr. Mike's services, and the transformation in attitudes and outlook on life have been remarkable. I highly recommend Dr. Mike as a counselor and mentor.
Ps, Clancy
It has been over 4 years ago that I met Dr. M. My mother had passed away that previous fall and I was totally lost. I made myself an appointment with Dr. M & he has helped me through this journey of loss, love, regret, sorrow, weakness, helplessness… you know the story. We began with losing my mother. I thought I was the only one who was having a major melt down. Shortly into our appointments, the relationships with my husband, my adult children, grandchildren, brothers and a sister started to (what I call) totally fall apart. There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed; days where I would go through my mothers’ boxes to empty them, then to find myself closing the lids and stacking them in a corner. Over the past few years, there were days that I think Dr. M was my only friend that I could talk to. Dr. M’s patience & expertise in all aspects of relationships is amazing & I am so thankful for that. He specializes in everything! Dr. M is very caring. He makes you feel like you have known him all your life. Today, I have a pretty good outlook on tomorrow! I like looking down that road of the future even if it is a little dusty from time to time. Thanks again, Dr. M!
Csgj, Helena
It is with great appreciation I write a recommendation for a wonderful practitioner & superb individual, Dr. Michael Emerson. For over 40 years I searched for help with understanding who I am & where I wanted to be. After a disastrous marriage & years of raising children alone, I thought I was ready for a relationship. I and my significant other reached out for some assistance. I was so very fortunate to receive a call back from Ms. Boudreau. As a result, the most valuable experience of my entire life began! I know this may sound like an overstatement but it is the truth. Needless to say the relationship ended; however, not my time with Dr. Michael. I learned from Dr. Michael that although I was alone for so many years I still needed help in developing and maintaining a healthy relationship. I learned & continue to learn & appreciate: 1) who I am; 2) where I want to be; 3) when I can take control; and 4) when I have no control. I want to thank Adele for taking that first call & an enormous thank you to Dr. Michael for accepting me as a patient. I will be forever grateful.
Dany, Helena
I found Dr.Mike when I was looking to get help for my 9 year old son. He no longer works with children, but with continued calls he asked to see me. I was not sure what to expect, what I found was the perfect counselor to help myself and my son. He listened and asked questions (I talk about the issues my son has and he recommends things for me to try) and has helped my son blossom and help me work on some issues of my own. I would (and have many times) recommended him to friends and family when I see that they need help. If you think you may need a VERY qualified, professional, down to earth, nonjudgmental,caring person- give him a call.
MB, Helena
Dr. Emerson is as qualified and as professional as they come. A bit over 5 years ago I wound up at a place in life where I was in serious need of help. I was so lost and so down that I did not even want to be alive.
Finding a counselor is a scary undertaking, but he was ultimately the one I chose and it has never been a mistake. Baring my soul to anyone is next to impossible. He worked very hard to figure out what was wrong in my world and to help me. I worked very hard trying to survive it all – but I always had him for support – he never lets you down. He never makes you feel “less than” for any reason. He never gives you false praise. He never treats you as someone weak. He accepts you as an equal - helps you see, understand and grow. He sincerely cares and it comes across in his work.
Everyone has to make their own decision about who they will be able to relate to and work with, but I can definitely recommend Dr. Emerson as a truly qualified professional whose knowledge and abilities stretch far beyond the black and white pages of academia.
JM, Clancy
This past year was one of the most trying years for our marriage and for our family.

My husband and I both agreed we needed professional help, so for the first time in 36 years we sought a counselor we both felt comfortable with. We chose Dr. Michael Emerson.

He helped us dig deep and look at issues in our marriage and family in a kind, compassionate and honest way. His wisdom and expertise kept us pushing forward, growing and healing. He gave us tools, encouraged us and gave so much of his time. We worked through the anger and pain and learned to communicate better, pray together, make our relationship a priority, and so much more.

Our love is deeper and stronger because of the work and commitment we put into our marriage. We couldn’t have done it without the help of Dr. Mike. God is using you mightily to help others find healing.

I would recommend you highly to anyone who needs any type of healing and counseling. It was so worth the time, effort and pain to find joy, peace and love again!

Thanks to you Dr. Mike! Forever grateful.
AB, Helena
I began seeing Dr. Emerson to address issues between my teen son and myself. Not only did he help us communicate better, we now interact more positively and effectively, which has improved our relationship significantly.

Since then, Dr. Emerson has taught me valuable concepts, resulting in self-improvement and personal growth. I also particularly like that he gives me "real" answers and advice, rather than nebulous or idealistic concepts that cannot be applied. I have improved in every area of my life by applying the techniques and processes he has taught me about communication, self-discipline, responsibility, planning, loving (myself and others), goal-setting, decision-making, and attitude, just to name a few.

Not only am I a better parent, I am a better partner, sibling, employee, spouse, child, leader, and overall human being in general because of Dr. Emerson's advice, perspectives, guidance, and tools with which he has equipped me. I find myself using these newly-developed skills on a daily basis, to successfully handle life's challenges and opportunities. As an added bonus, I'm also having fun and truly living life again, instead of merely struggling to exist.
Michelle, Helena
Dr Mike has been someone our family has used to work through different difficult times in our lives. We lost our son in a terrible accident at a very young age. Our family began to spiral out of control with the help of Dr. Mike we were able to slowly piece together our lives and become the family we were before tragedy hit our family. I recommend Dr. Mike to everyone I know as his area of expertise are good for a range of ages, from our youngest to both my husband and I. Thank you Dr. Mike. Its nice to know that you are always there if we need you.
David Patrick, Helena
I began seeing Dr. Emerson several years ago for depression. Since one of his principle modalities of therapeutic technique is cognitive behavioral therapy, he recognized the effectiveness of this for my case. After teaching me to identify negative thought patterns that had kept me "stuck" in my current negative behavior patterns, he began teaching me how to challenge my automatic thoughts I believed I had no control over. After many sessions of patience and repeated corrections I began to recognize, and challenge my false beliefs. Over time I succeeded in correcting my negative thoughts and began believing I could succeed. I began college at age 49, and now, 6 yrs later at age 56 I have recently received my masters degree in clinical social work and have become a therapist at a community health center. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Emerson as a trained clinician with the right experience to facilitate growth and emotional healing for anyone interested in true "therapy" that changes people.
Cheryl, Helena
When I sought counseling for my I interviewed Counselors that did EMDR for treatment of my PTSD. As Dr. Mike told me about himself and where he had practiced, I realized that I was looking at Don Quixote. Aside from all of his professional expertise (which is substantial), He cares deeply and would fight to get his patients what they needed. He has a special passion for kids and families that are struggling with, whatever....

At first I sought a cure for my PTSD. In my efforts for a cure, and later to live with my PTSD, he has been supportive of anything that I thought would help. I know that when Dr. Mike looks at me, he doesn't see someone that is "damaged".

I had a nightmare of a dead child, who would say: "Who are you? Why are you here? And who are you going to become?" I still have that dream, but it isn’t a nightmare now. If you can answer all 3 of those questions, then you might not need Dr Mike. If you can't, then he’s the person that will help you go where you need to go, to get those answers. And you can go to those places with him backing you up, because even Don Quixote had a sidekick.
Maggie, Helena
Dr. Mike has changed my life. I had severe anxiety and he has helped me SO much I will be forever grateful. He has such a way of helping people. His approach is awesome, he is laid back, VERY informed on techniques to reduce stress, anxiety (I am so happy to say anxiety is very minimal now), and has taught me alot about creating happiness for myself. He is very good at helping you realize things for yourself, and teaching you life habits. I recommend him one hundred percent. No words can express my gratitude.
megan, Helena
Mike is a very caring and understanding person. he has helped me out with so many different troubles i have faced. Mike Emerson is the reason i want to go into the psych field as well. He has always been there for me and my family. Me and my mom have a much better relationship thanks to mike helping us and teaching us different exercises we could use to better understand each other. Mike is a terrific person and I will always remember how he has helped me
Sha`ron Michael Voelkel, Bozeman
The first thing I noticed about Dr. Emerson (better known as Mike), was his honesty. And his forthright way of putting things into perspective. I still quote him to friends and family having problems dealing with what life chucks at them. Both my teenage son and I spent many hours with Mike as 'we' were growing up. He gave straight answers and usable ways to overcome problems. My favorite saying is you can't find your way around Cincinnati with a map of Chicago. Mike is the one with the map for wherever you need to go. When my son died suddenly at 34, the first place I went was to see Mike. If there ever was a person, therapist or not, who cares more for people than Mike Emerson, I would have to meet them and judge myself. Thank you so much for the care and concern for myself and my family. You ROCK!
Kevin, Helena
As a behaviorist with a Masters on Counseling I have often found it difficult to work with therapists who are touchy/feely or work from a particular counseling mindset. Dr. Emerson quickly recognized how I approach the world and worked within my paradigm, while still challenging me.

He is great at helping you gain insight and then identify the steps and changes you need to take to create change in your life. He challenges you while still supporting you. He understands and shares with you the TRUE issues you are facing. He excels at helping you to create change beyond your immediate issue.

Through his support I have become much more able to feel with my heart and not process everything through my head. Being from Montana and being a Harley-riding reservation recluse makes it easy for men who might otherwise resist counseling to work with him.

Highly recommended for people who might not otherwise view therapy as a way to create change.
Stephanie, Clancy
I have known Dr. Emerson for several years. He is a true professional with an uncanny knack for separating the wheat from the chaff to get to the real heart of the matter in a most effective and efficient way. He has a way of helping a person recognize with the real issues are while making you feel like you are still OK for having feelings. He is an intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, respectful, honest, REAL person that is easy to relate to and feel comfortable with. He has helped me recognize my shortcomings, enabling me to see things in a different way, helping me to make decisions with a clear head and look inside myself so I can grow as a person. He is easy to talk to, to laugh with, to cry in front of. He speaks English and not "psychobabble!" He has a holistic approach to family issues, from the individual, to the kids, to the marriage. I can honestly say my life has been greatly enriched through knowing and working with Dr. Emerson. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs to sort things out, and not just in a crisis situation, for also for day-to-day matters - kids, school, work, family, marriage.
Juli, Clancy
Dr. Emerson has been meeting with me and members of my family for seven years. He is very easy to get to know and has been a tremendous help in assisting me and my family members to understanding and deali with relationship problems as well as personal issues. I have worked with several people over the years and find that Dr. Emerson has a special skill at making people feel comfortable and establishes trust easily. He enjoys his work and cares about his clients. I cannot recommend him more highly.
Jordan, Helena
I have been working with Dr. Emerson for several years. He has always made me feel comfortable and safe in discussing with him whatever issue I may have. Trust was never something I did well with, but I trusted Dr. Emerson from the start and still do to this day. He cares about each one of his clients dearly and goes to great lengths for them and with them. In my own dealings with him, I have found nothing but good things. He tries very hard to accommodate the needs of his clients. He is a very wise and intelligent man, and he has been doing this for a long time. With those things, he must have, and does have, patience. Despite the fact that I'd often argue with what he was saying, he'd keep trying until he said it in a way that made more sense to me- opening my eyes and giving me a new perspective. After spending plenty of time in the dark, Dr. Emerson helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. He saved me. I would strongly recommend seeking his help and guidance to anyone in need.
Victoria, Yakima
I have known Mike for about 16 - 17 years now. He was a calm, stable presence that was extremely important to me and lacking in my life at the time. He offered different ways of thought that were both very challenging and comforting. There is a genuine, caring quality about him that is is not inherent in many therapy practices; gentleness and/or firmness as the situtation dictated. I felt safe, which was not an experience that was familiar to me. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Emerson, not only for his many accomplishments in his field, but for the compassion and empathy he shows to each of his clients.
Mike, Helena
I have known Dr. Emerson for several years and he has been of great influence to me and in my life decisions. I have not only gleaned great wisdom and guidance from him, but he has also enabled me to recognize my own shortcomings and blind spots as well as my strengths and wisdom. Dr. Emerson presents an open and accepting understanding which causes me to examine the way that I interact with others and he has helped me become more accepting and honoring of others and obtain a view from another's perspective. This has been of value to me as I intend to become more honoring, accepting, empathic, and genuine in my personal and professional relationships. Therapeutically, Dr. Emerson helped me to recognize my own healing abilities and has helped me gain greater understanding of the processes I employed in finding myself and the self I want to be. I would recommend his help as a therapist and wise healer to anyone who is willing to explore themselves and embrace the difficult and challenging, as well as the healing and personal insight within. Thank you.
BE, Helena
Every session with Dr. Emerson is personal, educational, spiritual and even more important all about ME.

His office is warm, professional, personal and welcoming. Dr. Emerson provides exceptional therapy and tools to help an individual through what every issue is at hand. There is no subject or issue that he is not able to help a person through and helps provides multiple solutions to meeting the goal at hand.

Dr. Emerson is respectful, personal, professional and treats each person as a valuable, worthwhile individual.

From a professional stand point, he provides excellent therapy with knowledge, privacy and respect. Dr Emerson is open, honest and is always seeking new ways to provide care.