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I have a small private practice in Dallas, just off of the tollway and Trinity Mills. I deliberately keep it small so that I can truly devote myself to the clients that I have.

I am selective about who I take as therapy patients and coaching clients. I only work with people who are really committed to the process of their work. You can go at your own pace and in your own direction when you work with me. However, I have found that clients who attend therapy regularly and who commit to doing between-session work are the onces who are most successful.

In our initial meeting, we will get to know each other and see if this is the right type of therapy for you. You can assess whether you think I would be the right therapist for you, and I will tell you honestly whether I think I am the right one to help you. If it is a match, I will be delighted to be a part of your journey.

The type of therapies that I'm specialized in doing are called Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and Cogntive Behavioral Therapy. You can visit my Dallas REBT CBT Meetup Group, which is a low cost psycho-educational group that I run monthly, during which I talk about REBT and CBT topics. You can also visit my other group: The Dallas Club Fearless Meetup Group, which is another low cost monthly group. I am also always gathering names of people who are interested in participating in a psychotherapy group at my office. Psychotherapy groups focus on your specific psychological needs, whereas the meetup groups are focused on topics and are not therapy groups.
I am a Texan who currently works in Dallas. I have been happily married over 23 years and have 3 kids (elementary, middle, and high school age).

I graduated with honors from Rice University and got my PhD at age 26 from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

I currently work in private practice, but this is not all I do. I also serve as the Director of Clinical Training Aat Argosy University. I also teach doctoral level graduate students about how to do the type of therapies that I practice, called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. I also supervise and train one student a year from UT Southwestern Medical Center.

In addition, I've written a couple of bestselling books and contributed to others. My recent book is not yet a bestseller, but I think it is helping people tremendously & I would be happy to share a copy with you when you come for your visit. One of these books is a workbook that is designed to help you shift out of an unhealthy negative mood and into positive action. The other is a book on making time when you believe you have none, one of the biggest reasons people don't achieve their goals.
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 Clinical Psychologist  Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)
 Licensed Clinical Psychologist (State)  Licensed Psychologist
BA Rice University
MA University of Houston Clear Lake
PhD UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas

Additonal training includes advanced workshops in REBT and CBT under the instruction of the founders of these types of therapy (Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck, Donald Meichenbaum).
American Psychological Association
National Register of Health Service Providers of Psychologists
Psychology Today Therapists
Good Therapy. org
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Cash, checks, credit cards
Hours:9 am - 7 pm
License:TX 25360
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Josh Cormie. 7/21/2010
If your looking for a Doctor who truly values helping others, then you have found one. Dr. Garcy has the passion that every doctor should have and a skill set that will change the world. Give her a chance and you will never look back. From things as simple as empowerment, to really serious problems like loosing a loved one. Dr. Garcy has the know how to help all.
Ellen Valentine. 7/21/2010
Dr. Garcy is one of the most caring and dedicated therapists I have ever worked with. Pam gives more than is required and is truly compassionate in her work with clients. I do want to say she knows completely how to push a client forward to their own much desired result. I love that about her. She knows when to listen, when to call us on our own stuff and when to help us get out of our own way.

Dr. Pam, you are so worth the investment. I am deeply grateful to everything I have learned from you.

For anyone reading this that is considering investing in their future happiness and goal achievment, Dr. Garcy is well worth the investment.

Ellen Valentine