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HEAL Emotionally, Find PURPOSE and PASSION,
You’re smart. You’re creative. You’re spiritual. And you’re confused. Or stuck. Or unmotivated. Or overwhelmed. Or you simply want more from life.

You know that there is great potential in you waiting to be untapped, but something seems to be holding you back, like an invisible weight that keeps you in place and doesn’t allow you to fully express who you are, to focus on and accomplish your goals or projects, or to move confidently toward a new phase in your life or business.

You want more from life and feel that there is something missing: YOUR TRUE VOICE and SENSE OF SELF.

Does this sound like you?

* You are trapped in a toxic relationship or unfulfilling job or business;
* You feel invisible and unappreciated no matter how hard you try;
* You don’t know what you want, but feel the call to find your life purpose;
* You get overwhelmed just thinking about your next step in life;
* You don’t have the drive to create the momentum to accomplish your goals;
* You are a conscious entrepreneur and your business is stagnant;
* You are hypersensitive and have a hard time in the world because you may be an adult Indigo.


* You believe it’s time for you to give yourself what YOU need and want;
* You truly desire to transform your patterns and will do whatever it takes;
* You understand that time and perseverance are needed to move forward and accomplish new goals (there are no quick-fixes);
* You genuinely want a much more exciting, joyful and abundant life!

What if you could get the soul guided insight to understand what prevents you from having the life or business that you desire, and the support and direction you need to keep moving forward and accomplish your goals?

What if that support came from someone who can understand exactly how you feel and where you are at, and who can see where you’re headed, to help you make the leap that is so hard to make on your own?

If this is you, then you are in the right place! I specialize in helping people like you. Why? Because I am like you myself and have been where you are. And I too needed the clarity and support to see my blind spots and move past my own resistance.

And this is what I’ve learned through my own emotional and spiritual process, and by helping many clients like you:

While you have everything you need to transform your life or business within you, you also have an unconscious defense mechanism that wants to keep you “safe” right where you are and will try to stop you every time you attempt to make any changes and get outside the "comfort zone." If you listen to the fears and doubts, you simply reinforce the patterns and remain trapped where you are.

I’ve been there and have given myself many excuses to avoid being truly free. However, I also know that remaining where you are now has a very high price and that is why your soul is urging you to break free by making you aware of how unhappy, trapped, scared, stressed out, or in pain you really are. Don’t just shut it down!

I can help you understand your soul’s language and overturn the beliefs that hold you back. Are you ready to turn your life or business around and fall in LOVE with them? Then contact me right now!
I offer my intuitive and healing gifts, plus over 28 years of experience exploring the mind and psyche, Vedic and metaphysical sciences, psychology and spirituality, to help YOU integrate your life or business puzzle into an empowering story from which to draw direction, motivation and purpose (or marketing) to create a joyful and abundant life in alignment with your divine purpose!
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Susan Boone. 12/2/2012
Yol is a pleasure to work with. She has helped me so much with her insight and clear view of the spiritual world. She is a gifted counselor who helps you bring light onto your blind spots and move past what's not really true in yourself. I first came to see her because I was confused about my relationships, career, and life in general, and she has not only guided me to move through all the confusion with patience and compassion, she has also helped me to feel good about myself and my goals. I am so much happier now. I highly recommend her!
Vicky G.. 12/2/2012
Yol has helped me so much with her clear insight and spiritual awareness! I would highly recommend her services to anyone in search of clarity and understanding of life’s many issues. She has an uncanny ability to bring clarity to difficult situations and explained in simple terms spiritual concepts and ideas that were not easy for me to grasp before. She is fun and gentle, but she does not allow you to fool yourself!
Joanne Smith. 10/10/2011
I have gained great insight from Yol and feel very supported. She has guided me through difficult times and helped me stay on track to find my own voice and purpose, which has brought me much joy and fulfillment. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for clarity and guidance, or looking to find meaning in the work they do!