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Martin Klein, Ph.D.
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Dr. Martin Klein
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Dr. Martin Klein, Offices in Westport and Fairfield CT

Dr. Klein is a seasoned clinical psychologist who specializes in individual psychotherapy, couples counseling and executive career coaching. He treats adults and children who are in crisis or need assistance facing everyday challenges. He works with couples who have interpersonal conflicts and communication issues.

Cognitive Behavioral and Existential Psychodynamic
Dr. Klein practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which utilizes strategies to change unwanted thoughts and actions. He also applies more in-depth existential psychodynamic approaches that focus on how past issues as well as current circumstances affect present patterns of behavior.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness
Dr. Klein utilizes hypnosis to treat panic attacks, trauma and addictions. He also guides patients in mindfulness and other relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

Working with Children
Dr. Klein uses a combination of play and talk therapy, active family system involvement and cognitive behavioral interventions. He works in a collaborative manner with psychiatrists, pediatricians as well as school psychologists to develop a coordinated treatment plan. Parents are active participants in the treatment and are kept informed on all relevant issues and progress.

Executive Career Coaching
He is a highly skilled executive coach who works with senior executives as well as medical, finance and academic professionals on both a personal and professional level. He practices in a pragmatic and action-focused manner to quickly resolve personal and career issues and achieve success. As a senior clinician, he is experienced in helping professionals work through "mid-life crisis" and career-specific issues such as employment transitions. He is experienced working with older professionals who have difficulty finding a new position after being laid off or who are facing retirement.

Adult Psychotherapy
Dr. Klein's background in existential philosophy deepens his ability to work with individuals struggling with issues of identity, spirituality, meaningfulness and creativity. He is sensitive and respectful of different religious and cultural beliefs as well as issues related to ethnicity and gender. His compassionate approach works well with people who are going through loss and grief associated with the end of a relationship, aging, illness or the death of a loved one.

Practical Approach
His approach is practical and down to earth. He is a compassionate listener with a good sense of humor and a warm and engaging style. Each person is treated as an individual, and treatment is tailored to meet one's personal needs. Many people seeking his services struggle with work, relationship and family issues as well as symptoms of depression, anxiety, self defeating patterns, negative thoughts or irrational fears.

The goal of treatment is to achieve greater satisfaction, be more productive in your personal and professional life, and feel better about yourself and your relationship with others.
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 Licensed Psychologist
License Info
CT 001909
Dr. Klein received his doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology at Berkeley in 1986. He has been licensed as a clinical psychologist in the states of New York and Connecticut since 1987.

He received his B.A. from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He majored in psychology and philosophy and graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

Dr. Klein has extensive training and experience working with children and adults in individual psychotherapy and couples counseling. As a master hypnotist, he utilizes the art of hypnosis and integrates these techniques in his clinical work.

As part of his education at Berkeley, California he completed a two year training analysis with Dr. Rollo May, a legend in the field of existential psychology and creativity and author of the New York Times Best seller "Love and Will."

Prior to establishing his private practice in Connecticut, Dr. Klein was an assistant professor of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine where he was also employed as a clinical psychologist.

Dr. Klein has over 10 years of experience working as a senior executive, management consultant and coach for numerous fortune 500 companies and universities. He has worked with academics, healthcare professionals and business executives on both personal and professional issues.

He is a scholar in the areas of 19th century continental philosophy, philosophy of religion, existentialism and psychoanalysis. He has written numerous articles in the areas of clinical practice and theory, healthcare, and corporate consulting.
The roads we travel are not always smooth and straightforward. Sometimes there are curves and long uphill stretches. Often we find ourselves at crossroads faced with complex decisions.

Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher, once said: "Man is a being who walks forward but looks backwards." Where we come from is important -- there is no doubt that our past shapes who we are and how we think about ourselves and others. However, there are certain advantages to being able to turn your head around -- look forward -- and see what is in front of you.

The goal of the psychotherapy is self exploration -- the discovery of how the past affects the present, learning how to break free of maladaptive thought and behavior patterns, and constructing new strategies to redirect your life in a positive forward-moving direction.

People seek out psychological services for different reasons. Many people are interested in personal growth. Others want to understand how the past affects who they are and want to make changes to their personality. Often people are in crisis or wanting help with specific life transitional issues or problems. Still others are looking for a more brief, focused cognitive behavioral approach to reduce specific behaviors or symptoms.

As a seasoned clinical psychologist, trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and existential humanistic psychotherapy, Dr. Klein will tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Clinical Specialties

•Depression and anger
•Anxiety and irrational fears
• Low self-esteem and identity issues
• Trauma and survivors of childhood abuse
•Family and couples issues
•School and career issues
•Sexuality, gender identity and LGBT issues
•Attention issues and Hyperactivity
•Negative thoughts and self-defeating behavior patterns
•Alcohol and substance abuse
•Sex, internet and video game addictions
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Gary, Fairfield
As the son of a psychiatrist, I grew up learning to recognize when help is needed. During a particularly complex and stressful situation, I worked with Dr. Klein and I give him my full endorsement. Throughout my time with him, he was readily available and he helped me navigate through a very complex ordeal. I give Dr. Klein full marks and highly recommend his services.
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Anger Management
 Anxiety and Panic
 Asperger's Syndrome
 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
 Body Image Issues
 Caregiver Issues
 Children's Counseling
 Chronic Illness
 Eating Disorders
 Family Conflict
 Gay or Lesbian Issues
 Gender Identity / Transgenderism
 Grief and Loss
 Life and Wellness Coaching
 Life Transitions
 Marriage & Family Therapy
 Marriage Counseling
 Men's Issues
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Play Therapy
 Pre and Postpartum Mental Health
 Premarital Counseling
 Problem Gambling
 Relationship Issues
 Religious Counseling
 Self-Esteem Issues
 Seniors and Elder Care Issues
 Sexual Dysfunction
 Stress Management
 Trauma and PTSD
 Women's Issues
 Work and Career Issues
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