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Counseling for Children, Teens and Adults
Lisabeth Wotherspoon, MSW, ACSW
Lisabeth Wotherspoon, LICSW
My specialty areas are Depression, Anxiety and PTSD in children, teens and adults. I also help those experiencing life transitions, difficulty coping with an abortion, or those needing Life Coaching. I use EMDR for treating PTSD. I especially enjoy working with teens and retired individuals, or those on disability.
Counselor / Therapist
Rochester, NH 03867
Joyce Wagner, Ph.D, LCSW
Restoration Counseling Of Rochester, PLLC
Most people who are looking for counseling or life coaching have a variety of questions including: What is mental health? Is there hope? Solutions? Healing? Will I be heard? Understood? Accepted? Supported? Can I continue to grow? Change? Achieve? Excel? These are great questions and my hope is that you can find some answers on the fol
Counselor / Therapist
Rochester, NY 14618
Toward Wellbeing and Happiness Through Psychotherapy
In-Person and Online Therapy (Where Permitted)
Martin Lynch, PhD
Psychotherapy Services
I provide psychotherapy for a number of common problems that people struggle with. These include depression, loss and grieving, life-transition issues, problems in motivation, and beyond. I work with each client to determine what he or she needs from therapy. I start from the perspective that people seek meaning in life. Meaning can come from many sources, includin
Counselor / Therapist
Rochester, NY 14618
Has Articles
Working with Adults and Children Living Through Divorce
Laura Masceri, LCSW
Are you looking for a change? Do you want tomorrow to be different then today? Getting started is easy. I provide a free hour consultation in a convenient location; I will provide you with all that you need to make the changes you want for tomorrow happen today. You may have been putting off therapy for yourself or your child I make the process easy and fun as we w
Counselor / Therapist
Rochester, NY 14618