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Clinical Psychological Services in Burlington, Ontario
Psychological and Court Evaluations and Psychotherapy
Mitchell Harris, Ph.D. Psychologist
Bayridge Counselling Centres
Dr. Mitchell provides a wide variety of services. He can uniquely provide forensic services for various court proceedings, such as 730 custody evaluations in divorce cases,and 733 second opinions on child custody decisions, as well as family reconciliation and court-ordered therapy, and psychological evaluations for many other legal purposes. He excels at giving c
Counselor / Therapist
Burlington, ON L7N 3P3
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Support and Help For
The Issues that Have Been Troubling to You.
Amy Ludwin, MA, LCMHC
• Individual Psychotherapy • Couples Counseling • Stress Management • Parent Education: guiding good choices & staying connected with your teen • Consultation • Professional Supervision Therapeutic possibilities include: • Open discussion of your concerns. • Address issues that have been troubling to you, including: relationships, life transitions, sexu
Counselor / Therapist
Burlington, VT 05401
Dr. Baskin
I have 3 decades of experience, teaching, mentoring, coaching and consulting on organization and executive leadership. I combine my knowledge of behavioral sciences with extensive corporate experience. Coaching individuals has been a major aspect of my practice. Another focus of my career has been in working with individuals and groups providing leadership developm
Counselor / Therapist
Burlington, FL 27215