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Bryce Thompson, M. A., LMFT

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Life Doesn't Have to Be So Hard for Gay Men!
Get the Help You Need to Have the Life You Want
Serving the wellness and relationship needs of diverse (including interracial, LGBT) couples civilian and military. I provide counseling and coaching at your home or online.

I also provide speaking, training, and consulting services for business, school, and military events and
conferences in the areas of cultural diversity, relationship health, parenting, and child wellness.

Care for Couples:
The majority of same-gender relationships are oftentimes fatally vulnerable to social stresses. We will explore the unexamined, private, moment-to-moment messages that may be impeding connection and intimacy. We will examine the individual (and those of the relationship) developed patterns that act as a kind of immunization against the social toxins of society's stereotypes, prejudices, and outright discrimination. Most importantly help identify and manage the stressors that are experienced physiologically and psychologically that often causes tension and emotional dysfunction in relationships leading to emptiness, distance, and sometimes a complete breakdown of the partnership.

Care for Adolescent Males:
Counseling may be helpful for teens that are uncomfortable with aspects of their sexuality or uncertain about how to express it. They may benefit from support and the opportunity to clarify their feelings. Therapy may also help the teen adjust to personal, family, and school-related issues or conflicts that emerge. Therapy directed specifically at changing homosexual orientation is not recommended and may be harmful for an unwilling teen. It may create more confusion and anxiety by reinforcing the negative thoughts and emotions with which the child is already struggling.

I provide culturally sensitive assessments and treatment to decrease misdiagnosis when considering behavioral, mood, and sexuality disorders of G/L/B/T adolescents. Two of the goals of treatment will be to decrease number of youth experimenting with drugs and alcohol in order to cope with the many stressors as they navigate through the cultural, social, hetero-biased, political, and religious landscapes towards self-actualization.

HIV Care
I offer collaborative client care to help men living with HIV to help them to continue working, make healthy lifestyle choices, eliminate behaviors that are detrimental to both their physical and mental health, and to improve quality of life and need for increased medications and hospitalization.

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Call your human resources department at work or your current health insurance provider to ask:
• If you have mental health insurance benefits?
• What do you have to pay?
• How many sessions are you covered for in a 12 month period?
• What is the amount your insurance will pay per counseling/therapy session?
• Do you have to get approval from your primary care physician before your insurance will pay for your counseling sessions?
I have established a practice that is designed to meet the needs of interracial, men, especially Black, Latino and active duty servicemen who identify as same-gender loving, same-gender attracted, gay, or bisexual. I served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, and has served as a V.A. Health Advisory Board Representative for the Southern California Region since 2000. I have experience in private practice including individual, family, child and group therapy. I also has experience in social services foster care, mediation, and family court.

I am the author of the forthcoming books: "Are You Man Enough?" A “Call-to-Action” Guide for Straight Fathers of a Gay Son; Your Gay Prayers Answered: Raising the “Gay” bar for a better life for young men; and How to Nurture Your Relationship In or Out of the Closet - For the Professional Who Need to be Discrete
Practice Areas
 Certified Family Therapist  Certified Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor (MFCC)
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
EDUCATION: M. A., Psychology, June 2001, Specialization: Marital and Family Therapy, Phillips Graduate Institute.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Certified Veterans Transition and Reintegration Coach (2013) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Lic # MFC 40994); Certification in Classroom Facilitation, University of Phoenix (2006); Certificate in Advance Mediation, UCLA; Certified Mediator, L. A. Bar Association; Cultural Competency “Train-the-Trainer” (2009).


Future of Family Therapy – New Research and Clinical Approaches (2011); Solutions to a Crisis – Supporting Students/Saving Lives (2011); Integrating Technology into Practice (2011); Mental Health Clinical Supervisor’s Course (2014); Certificate in Psychopharmacology/Substance Abuse (2008); Certificate in Innovative Holistic Approaches to the Treatment of Combat-Related Stress (2007); Certificate in Adolescents, Families and Co-Occurring Disorders (2007); Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Gay Men and Lesbians (2006); Using Coaching in Therapy (2006); Domestic Partner Violence (2005); Anger, Trauma & Addictions (2004); “Dual Diagnosis: Integrated Model, Prop.36 (2002).
Member of American and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (since 2004); International Association of Therapist in Private Practice (2010); and Professional Coaches Alliance of San Diego (2011).

Veteran's Administration Advisory Board Member (since 2000).
Payments Accepted
Hours:Available Upon Request
License:MFC40994 California
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