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Domestic ViolenceTherapist inPortland, OR 97268

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Emotional Fitness
Pamela Shavaun Scott, LMFT
Tryon Creek Therapy
We all want to be physically and emotionally fit - to experience energy, creativity, inner peace, joy, and positive relationships. Often this process seems to flow effortlessly, and we experience the fullness and richness of life without effort. At other times, life stresses may get in the way, creating depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Sometimes we ju
Counselor / Therapist
Portland, OR 97219
5.8 miles away
Seasoned, Caring, Effective
Guy Burstein, LCSW
Guy Bustein, LCSW
Welcome to my psychotherapy practice. My work is dedicated to helping people develop healthy, productive, and satisfying lives and relationships. Though it can be difficult to make the decision to begin psychotherapy, I have found that those who have sought my help and guidance have achieved valuable results. I offer confidential psychotherapy for individuals, cou
Counselor / Therapist
Portland, OR 97205
8.9 miles away
Healing Complex Trauma:
Fear, Shame, Stuckness
Jeremy Mcallister, MA, LPC
Lifekey Counseling
Complex trauma is a relatively newer concept referring to our adaptive development around ongoing or repeating childhood abuse, neglect, or abandonment. It is very common, and because it involves entangled parts and beliefs, healing requires specific approaches that instill a sense of felt safety in the body before processing old traumas. Where most of us develop
Counselor / Therapist
Portland, OR 97213
9.5 miles away
You can beat addiction. We can help.
Men's heroin Rehab
Possibly the deadliest drug available, heroin destroys lives. Because treatment for drug addiction is most effective when specific to your drug of choice, we focus on helping men with addictions to heroin. Men's Heroin Rehab is also a drug addiction resource that helps families understand, assess, and treat loved ones who are suffering from addiction.
Drug & Alcohol Counselor / Therapist
Portland, OR 97217
12.4 miles away
Stacie Crochet, LCSW
Stacie Crochet is committed to helping people overcome addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other stresses that affect all of us at some time in our lives. Stacie has over 22 years of counseling experience in the mental health field. She has assisted victims at the Center for Battered Women, and has worked with adolescents and
Counselor / Therapist
Vancouver, WA 98684
15.6 miles away
Relationship Counseling in Vancouver, WA
Compass Community Counseling
At Compass Community Counseling you can count on a judgment free environment to assist individuals, couples and families with counseling services in Vancouver, WA and the Portland-Metro area to make lasting positive changes. We lead our clients to find hope, direction, and healing through emotional renewal, spiritual change and physical growth. We have extensive tr
Marriage & Family Therapist
Vancouver, WA 98661
16.6 miles away
Counseling in Vancouver, WA
Jennifer C Barber, LICSW
If you feel you are working too hard trying to handle a difficult transition in your life, trying to cope with anxieties or depression or trying to recover from a trauma, please call me. I offer counseling in Vancouver, Washington to individuals and couples. My years of experience in the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver, Washington, has prepared me to be sensi
Counselor / Therapist
Vancouver, WA 98663
17.4 miles away
Columbia River Mental Health Services
Adult-Out Patient (AOP) offers a team-based approach to provide individual, group therapy and case management services to individuals living with symptoms of mental illness. The AOP team consists of case managers, mental health professionals, psychiatric providers, vocational and housing specialists, and peer support specialists who work with clients to achieve desire
Treatment Center / Clinic
Vancouver, WA 98666
16.1 miles away
Southwest Washington Behavioral Health
Clark County Crisis Services Services include evaluation and referral to community outpatient and inpatient service delivery systems as well as peer support counselors and consumer advocacy organizations. Designated Mental Health Professionals (DMHP) may also initiate 72-hour involuntary holds on those persons deemed a high risk to harm themselves or others, or who
Treatment Center / Clinic
Vancouver, WA 98666
16.1 miles away
Serenity Lane - Vancouver
Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Chemically Dependent Adults: Serenity Lane's Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a ten-week program of group therapy, individual counseling and education about the disease of addiction. Treatment groups meet three times a week for 3 hours per session. Times vary to accommodate the patient's work schedule. Serenity Lane meets the Def
Treatment Center / Clinic
Vancouver, WA 98662
19 miles away
Sea Mar Community Health Centers - Vancouver
Sea Mar CHC - Vancouver - Outpatient Sea Mar’s Vancouver Behavioral Health Center has been providing behavioral health services to children, youth, and adults in Clark County since 2000. The Vancouver site is state-licensed as a community mental-health agency. We meet all requirements for court-mandated services, and are fully accredited by the Joint Commission
Treatment Center / Clinic
Vancouver, WA 98662
19 miles away