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Psychotherapist in Toronto
Help for Trauma, Relationships, Anxiety, Eating Disorders
Robert T. Muller, PhD
It's hard to be objective when you feel stuck. In psychotherapy, I help people take a step back. As a trauma therapist for 25 years, working in Toronto, I do counseling and therapy for people dealing with the results of painful relationships. I help people develop goals and make changes in their lives. Adults and adolescents see me when they're having conflicts in
Counselor / Therapist
Toronto, ON M4Y 1E1
0 miles away
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Holistic Therapy
Susan Patten, M.Sc. Registered Psychotherapist
Soulspring Counselling
My practice is focused on building empowerment, balance, self-esteem, and self-awareness. By combining cognitive, emotional and experiential approaches to therapy, I assist my clients in working through the challenges involved in such issues as anxiety, grief, trauma, and relationship issues. Cultivating awareness and empowerment by learning to understand feelings,
Counselor / Therapist
Toronto, Ontario M4K 1N8
1.2 miles away
RMT Health Clinic
Iva Keighley, LL.B, MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist / R...
I provide counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples in different categories of concern, which may include: Psychological health, relational difficulties, educational & workplace issues and concerns that may, at times, require administration and interpretation of psychometric instruments. My approach emphasizes the development of courage to change what d
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist
Toronto, ON M8X 1E2
7 miles away
Senior Clinical Psychologist
Behavioral Humanistic Clinical Psychology
Angel Enrique Pacheco., Ph.D., C.Psych.
Dr. A. E. Pacheco & Associates
Our field of expertise is Clinical Psychology, with specialization in human behavior and interaction, assessment and psychotherapy, and institutional consultation. We are family clinical psychologists specialized in behavior therapy and behavioral medicine, dedicated to helping people function and feel better by providing them with individual and family psychothera
Mississauga, ON L4W 0A5
12.7 miles away
Divorce and Relationship specialist
Minni is a registered psychotherapist www.guidingjourneys.ca
Minni Sharma, Registered Psychotherapist
Guiding Journeys
Divorce Specialist: There is a better and cheaper way to DIVORCE!!!!! As a registered psychotherapist and divorce specialist, Minni supports families and individuals navigating divorce with dignity and respect, helping them to make decisions that are in the best interests of their children. She assists parents with the emotional piece and communication skills to allow
Counselor / Therapist
Stouffville And Whitby, ON L4A 4H8
23.8 miles away
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Grief, Self-Esteem
Lisa Wilvert, RP
Lisa Wilvert Counselling & Psychotherapy provides counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals. My services are covered by most extended health care insurance plans. Confidential services are offered in a comfortable space and with warmth and support as you work through personal challenges. I offer a client-centred, holistic counselling approach incorpor
Counselor / Therapist
Queensville, ON L0G 1R0
28.3 miles away
Solutions Through Understanding
Individual, Couple and Family Counselling
Dawn Zivanovich, MSW, RSW
Dawn Associates
I can help you resolve issues and problems, obstacles and challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression so you can create a healthier, more rewarding life. We offer: * Counseling and psychotherapy * Coaching for personal and professional issues * CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) * EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Counselor / Therapist
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4K3
39 miles away
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Jane Kraft, MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist
Jane Kraft, MSW, RSW
Spacious Mind Counselling
Experienced, caring and trained therapist who provides therapy that is evidence based and backed up by research to be effective for anxiety, depression, addiction, post postpartum, anger management, grief and loss and other areas of mental health. First and foremost I work from a person centred approach and incorporate narrative therapy, mindfulness and brief solut
Counselor / Therapist
Guelph, Ontario N1H 4E9
45.2 miles away
Spacious Mind Counselling
Individual, couples and family therapy
Shane Smyth
I am a registered psychotherapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. I am trained and experienced in the delivery of online therapy for the past ten years. I believe you are the expert in your life and even though you may not know it, you have all the answers within you. Unfortunately, sometimes life can make accessing these answers difficult. Tra
Counselor / Therapist
Guelph, Ontario N1H 2W7
45.2 miles away
Psychotherapy & Holistic Health Services
Laura McNeilly, BSc, MT, SD
Let's talk about your relationships with yourself, your body, your family, friends, other loved ones, colleagues, your addiction, your stress, work, life purpose, nature, society, the earth, spirit, etc. All are welcome in the session. The more awareness that is developed around the nature of those relationships, the more conscious your choices and behaviours will b
Counselor / Therapist
Guelph, ON N1H 3Z4
45.2 miles away
Holistic Counselling
Ganga Daryanani, RSW
It takes courage to seek help for your emotional issues. To allow someone into your life can be unnerving. Under my care, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of respect and calmness. The office where you will be seated exudes tranquility and peacefulness. You will always be treated with respect and honour as a person who has chosen me to assist you on your perso
Counselor / Therapist
Toronto, ON M6S 4Y9
5.7 miles away
Distress Centres
Since 1967, as an initially modest outreach of a concerned group of community leaders, the Distress Centres has provided 24-hour telephone support, 365 days a day. Hundreds of thousands of calls later, this agency continues to offer round the clock response to those experiencing emotional distress or in need of crisis intervention and suicide prevention. We also provi
Treatment Center / Clinic
Toronto, ON M5C 2J4
0.9 miles away
Women's College Hospital Mental Health Program
Some mental health issues are specific to women. Others are different for women than men. That's why a program dedicated to women's mental health is essential. In 1998, we created the Women Recovering from Abuse Program (WRAP), Canada's first day-treatment centre for women with childhood trauma. Today, we're emerging as an international force in women's mental heal
Treatment Center / Clinic
Toronto, ON M5S 1B2
1 miles away
Centre For Addiction And Mental Health
Children and youth show their problems in different areas of their lives and in a variety of ways. A child or adolescent who functions well at home may have problems in another setting, such as in the classroom or with peers. Some young people may show signs of anxiety or depression, while others may exhibit aggression, get in trouble with the law or have difficulties
Treatment Center / Clinic
Toronto, ON M5T 1R8
1.2 miles away
St. Joseph's Health Centre
Our Mental Health and Addictions Program provides comprehensive care across the age continuum for persons living with serious mental illness and/or addictions. St. Joseph's has worked closely with a consortium of providers to develop a specialized model of care for those requiring Withdrawal Management Services. Our Mobile Crisis Team works in partnership with Toro
Treatment Center / Clinic
Toronto, ON M6R 1B5
3.8 miles away