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Therapy for Emotional Eating & Body Image Issues
Group Therapy for Binge Eating/Emotional Eating
Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
Eddins Counseling Group
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or out of control with food? Does food make you feel anxious? Are you tired of food and guilt controlling your thoughts, actions, and behaviors? You CAN break free from unhealthy thinking and eating patterns. I’d like to help. I specialize in helping people overcome food and body image related obsessions that prevent them from bei
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77019
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Let's Start Creating Your Future Hopes And Dreams Now!
Worry, Wonder And Wait No More-You Can Do It!
John Garlock, Ed.D., Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, LCDC, CEAP,...
Family Resource Center
I provide counseling services to individuals, couples and families. I am a solution oriented therapist and I perform a quality assessment prior to initiating couseling services with each client. I also write a comprehensive treatment plan that each client starts prior to the initiation of the service delivery process. I focus on the concerns that you present and am
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77068
Effective Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
Cognitive-Behavioral / Exposure-Response Prevention Therapy
Houston OCD Counseling
Michael Soderstrom, M.A., LPC-S provides a caring and compassionate, confidential environment that begins by nurturing the client, building on strengths, and increasing life satisfaction from the first minute of the initial consultation. Michael is a current member of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). Michael is a certified graduate of the IOCDF Obsessive-Comp
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77024
We often lose touch with who we truly are and our priorities
Lind Butler, MEd, LPC
Lind Butler, MEd, LPC
My approach to psychotherapy is humanistic, psycho-dynamic and relational. I view healing of the whole person as part of an individual’s natural development and growth. This therapeutic process provides an introspective, empathetic focus, aimed at understanding, removing emotional blocks and moving toward ongoing growth. After assessing the individual's concerns,
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77098
Therapy for Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues
Jody Radoff, LCSW
The Lovett Center
Have you been struggling with your relationship with food and your body? Does food or your appearance make you feel anxious or guilty? Do you find food, the need to exercise or body size to be occupying all of your thoughts? You CAN change your relationship with food and your body and I would like to help. I specialize in helping people work through their anxiety
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist
Houston, TX 77006
Confused? Overwhelmed? Get Your Life Back!
D Scott Stanley
D. Scott Stanley, Phd, LMFT, LPC
Some clients need only a few sessions to make changes, and others need longer. As your therapist, I will work with you to establish goals that are specific to your needs, not a "cookie cutter" approach. I will provide an atmosphere of support and nurture as we address your needs. I have a deep appreciation and respect for my clients' stories. My style as a therapist i
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77055
Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling
to Help You Become Unstuck
Kimberly Wildes, DrPH, MA, LPC
It can be very anxiety-provoking to take the first steps to identify and locate a therapist. Maybe you have been searching for a Houston therapist for a few days or even weeks. Maybe you have called and hung up several times. Maybe you were taught that strong people don't need help. Maybe you think a therapist won't understand. There is no shame in seeking help. I
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77055
Therapist and Career Counselor in Houston
Specializing in Career and Life Transitions
Joan Mullinax, MEd, LPC
Career Counseling: Joan has 8 years of experience in career counseling, career change coaching, and academic advising—supporting experienced professionals, undergraduate and graduate students in choosing or changing careers, in selecting appropriate educational and training programs, and in securing employment. As a manager in the computer industry, she hired and tra
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77019
Feeling anxious or sad? Still grieving a loss?
Becky Reiter, LPC
Eddins Counseling Group
Have you recently lost a loved one and are battling overwhelming grief? Are you having family conflict and/or relationship issues? Have you recently come out or are struggling with the gender transition process? I believe counseling is a collaborative process between the counselor and the individual(s) involved. My goal is to help you discover the tools you need to be
Licensed Professional Counselor
Houston, TX 77019
Licensed Professional Counselor
Casey Radle, M.Ed., LPC
Eddins Counseling Group
Eddins Counseling Group is a team of therapists and career counselors in Houston, TX serving those desiring career and personal life satisfaction. We utilize a holistic approach to helping you achieve greater enjoyment in your life whether it be freeing yourself from emotional eating, managing anxiety/depression, improving your relationships, choosing a career or crea
Counselor / Therapist
Houston, TX 77019