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Shining a Compassionate Light on Patterns and Possibilities.
Part Therapist & Part Coach: 3 Steps to Relationship Change!
Jen Rives Therapy & Counseling
Are you experiencing some of the following challenges: difficulty with boundaries, asserting yourself, low confidence & self esteem? Having trouble figuring out how to hold onto yourself in a relationship? Negotiate conflict within it? Find yourself saying "I (or we!) deserve better" ... Life can sometimes be painful (especially relationships!), and things can f
Marriage & Family Therapist
Minneapolis, MN 55404
T. Aaron Ridge, M.S., L.P., LICSW
The Center For Relationship Therapy
I have been a psychologist for 24 yrs working with individuals, couples, and families. I work with each client to identify what is causing their current problems and how we can restore optimal growth and health. I practice using many of the most effective psychotherapy methods for relieving anxiety,depression,and trauma-a comprehensive Mind-Body approach. My goal i
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Therapy for Change
Sandra Sanger, PhD, LP
We all experience times when the stresses in our lives overwhelm our ability to cope. Perhaps you feel lost in your relationships, weighted down by depression, or overwhelmed with worry. Or maybe you feel that something is missing, that there is a lack of meaning in your life. Together, we can work toward alleviating your suffering and helping you to build a meaningfu
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Marriage and Family Therapist, Sex Therapy, Porn Addictions
Renee Segal, MA, LMFT
Segal Psychotherapy, LLC
Working with individuals and all types of couples (LGBT friendly) to provide an opportunity for lasting change. The mission is to help regular people, just like you, with life’s problems Marriage and Couples Counseling Specialities: Rebuilding trust Recovery from cheating, affairs and infidelity Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, CyberSex Addiction and other Addictions.
Marriage & Family Therapist
Minneapolis, MN 55305
Lyndsey Fraser, MA, LAMFT
Relational Connections
Sputtering/Creaky Relationships? The "Love Mechanic" is here to assist. I specialize in working with couples of all backgrounds. This includes married, engaged, living together, dating, and same-sex (lesbian and gay). As a systemic and collaborative therapist, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we
Counselor / Therapist
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Creating Intentional Lives
Theresa Crawford, LMFT
Theresa J. Crawford Therapy
Are you finally ready to move forward in life? I'd love to work with you. I have two Twin Cities locations and see high achieving and creative people who are stuck in either a personal or professional way. Together we untangle whatever is holding you back, freeing you to live your best life ever. I have extensive training in emotional focused therapy as well as mindfu
Marriage & Family Therapist
Minneapolis, MN 55408